Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm weather and time with the Goats

Been really nice here today, around 60 degrees and partly cloudy. This morning I could hear the birds singing their songs of spring and it really got me excited all over. I hauled several loads of sawdust to add to the garden today trying to build up the garden beds some. Most of the rest of the day has been spent with the goats. Katie just can't get enough of the goats and neither can I. I am looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt soon. I need to get some onions started and I also need to work on the greenhouse some too. The plastic that I used to cover it is pretty well gone now. Also have some ginseng roots and seeds on order and can't wait til they get here so I can get started on that project too. Just been trying to stay busy and do the things that will make my spring work a little easier. There is always something to be done here on the farm it's just trying to figure out which one to do next. Me and Katie have had a good day and we are going back outside to play. Sorry I have been so long posting but there has just not been a lot going on to post about, at least not anything anyone would want to read about. LOL

Picture of me and Katie in the goat lot. Liv took it with her phone and it's not very big. But anyway here we are enjoying the goats.


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

We have had some nice weather days here too! Spring is on the way! :) (Can you tell I am happy about that?) Hope you will post pictures of your greenhouse when you get it done.

Amy said...

The birds are singing here too! Spring is just around the corner. If I had goats I would stay outside with them. They're too much fun!

Grumpyunk said...

Where did you order your Ginseng from?

You may be all over this already, but Regarding Greenhouse plastic - I ordered the plastic for my little HoopHouse from $2.99 a foot for the 20" width I needed. Supposed to be good for 4 years. Cheaper then buying the Wally World Visqueen and replacing it every year.
Just an FYI as I don't know squat about your greenhouse or what you use already.

warren said...

I can't wait to see the ginseng results. Have you ever thought of other rooty sassafras maybe, or even mushrooms? Just a thought

Christy said...

Sounds like a perfect day! We're getting on goats on Tuesday. I can't wait to hang out with them.

Ken said...

...yep,we had that 'air of spring' type mornin' here too,can't wait for warm weather...sooo much to do outside

The Scavenger said...

Shiloh, glad you are having good warm weather too, I love it. When I get the greenhouse repaired I will sure post some pics.

Amy, you just got to get you some goats girl. I think we both know you want to. LOL

Grumpyunk, got the seeds and roots from the place I mentioned in the last post.

Thanks for the link on the greenhouse plastic. That would be much better than what I am using now. Cheap Zombie Mart is all I have on there now.

Warren, thanks man. Yes I have thought about mushrooms, there is a great market for them everywhere. I hope to try many new things this year, mushrooms may just make the list.

Christy, That's great. You better post me some pictures of those goats to girl, I'll be watchin. You are gonna have a blast. What kind did you get??

Ken, a lot to do is for sure man. I ahve alist a mile long and it seems like I add to it daily.

Thank you all for dropping by, good to hear from ya.


Kymber said...

Wicked pic of you and Katie - she is such a beauty and yer not so bad yerself - hahahaha!
it doesn't matter what you post about - we all always enjoy your posts!
we have had a nice day today and expecting another one tomorrow - but also expecting a big dumping of snow on the weekend! but hey - i got my seeds yesterday - woohoo!
so keep us up to date on the ginseng results...can't wait to hear more about your personal experience...thinking of getting some myself!

take care friend - and keep up the good work!

Marie said...

It's getting warmer around here, too, but the wind was something yesterday...what with the flooding from the snow melting, and the whistle of the wind through the trees, it does almost feel spring-like, but I'm not planting yet... :) As always, Katie's a cutie, and it seems very appropriate that you changed your top picture--looks like a beautiful place to be!

mandwhobbyfarms said...

Goats are nice aren't they?! We have a new kids one we named Eve too, she was born on New Years Eve. We own Nigerians Dwarf's and LaMancha's, I am envious of your greenhouse. We want one, just finding the time with my dh work schedule.
We have to get some bird feeders up too, squirrels chewed to much on the other ones. No more plastic feeders for us :-)

Enjoy the post and is that a picture of your home on top of the page?


The Scavenger said...

Kymber, thank you too much. Hope you enjoy the coming snow and stay nice and warm. I do a post about the ginseng when I get ready to plan. Thank you my friend, you da best.

Marie, been kinda windy here to the last few days. Not gonna plant anything yet but I tell ya, it's getting harder and harder to wait. lol With spring just around the corner I thought a picture of Big MawMaw's house in the summer would be welcome change. Thank you for coming over to say hello, I appreciate it.

mandwhobbyfarms, we love our goats too. Eve was also born on New Years
Eve. Our kids are a Boer/Pygmy cross. We have another pygmy doe that is bred to our pygmy buck that is due soon I hope. My greenhouse is a home built project (like everything around here) made with scrap lumber. Not my home in the picture, it's my great grand mothers old home place back in West Virginia. You can read about it here. I think you will enjoy the read.

Thank you all so much for your very kind comments. I love hearing from you so please come back.

Thanks again,


HermitJim said...

Great pics of you and Katie, my man! Glad you are getting some good weather and I hope it stays around.

Good luck on the projects!

The Scavenger said...

Hey Jim, thanks for coming over friend. Should have some coffee on for ya, I will next time. lol Thanks for the comment.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Chris! It's always good to hear from you, no matter what you write! We've been enjoying some on-again, off-again warm weather. Right now it's off! Don't you just get excited when you go out on those spring-y mornings and you hear the birds! That's just one of the best sound in the world! I could listen forever! Great pic of you and your little one!

The Scavenger said...

Gen, you are always too kind, thank you. Had a real nice day yesterday, rain last night and today and mid 40's. That's not too bad though. And yes I love to listen to the birds, I too could listen to them all day long. Nice addition to your morning coffee. Me and Katie had a great day with the goats yesterday, we really enjoy them. Thank you so much for all you kind comments, love hearing from ya.


Adkins Family Farm said...

I've always loved having goats on the farm. I don't have any right now, but am looking forward to them. I hear birds chirping and my tulips are sprouting, so I think spring is just around the corner. By the way I love your blog.

The Scavenger said...

Adkins Family Farm, thank you so much for your comment and I am glad you can feel the spring in the air as well. Thank you and come back often.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass on this award,I love your blog!Check my site for details and happy spring!!!

The Scavenger said...

Mama, thank you so much and I will try to get over and check it out as soon as I can. Thanks again.