Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Auto Repair and Sloopy Joe's

Well, my Jeep and I have been having some issues. The issue being that my charging systems was getting kinda wacky. Once the Jeep was started, the check engine light would come on and my volt meter would hit rock bottom. After referring to my repair manual I came to the conclusion that my alternator was bad. Two hours later I finally was able to get it off, pretty tough job on my Jeep. By that time all the auto parts stores has closed so I had to wait until this morning to go to town and try to locate one. First stop, Auto Zone. I took the alternator inside and ask if they had one in stock that would replace mine. The guy at the counter said he could check it first if I wanted. Hey, you bet man, check it out. Tested 100% Positive, my alternator was in perfect shape after only 212,000 miles. Great news, a new one was gonna set me back $105.00. The gentlemen then advised me to check all my connections at the battery and the alternator to make sure they were clean and tight. Well, I know they were tight but I'm not too sure about how clean the are. After getting back home (with my $105.00 still resting in my wallet) I began to clean all the connections, all of then. Needing it or not, they all got a good cleaning with a piece of sand paper. Now they are all nice and shinny. After I put everything back together I crossed my fingers and gave it a try. It started right up and the charging system was fixed with zero dollars out of pocket. All thanks to the good guys at Auto Zone in London Kentucky, thanks guys.
Well, after that was all over I had to have something to eat. I skipped breakfast to get an early start on the Jeep project. Nothing in the fridge seemed to catch my eye. It was then that I remembered I had bought some Sloppy Joe Sauce for my food storage. This seemed like a great time to try it out, anything sounded pretty good at this point. 1lb of ground beef, OK, maybe 2 lbs, and 1 can of sauce and I was in business. The smell made my mouth water, my eyes too. We had bought a loaf of Italian bread on sale yesterday and it seemed like a good combo, so I toasted the bread. After a long day under the hood all I can say is.......MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!


Marie said...

Have to love it when you don't end up spending money, and it's because a business was honest and helpful. Businesses like that get my return business as well...
Your sloppy joes sounded really good--always good to have something tasty on hand, and usually cheaper than going out--my kind of meal!

HermitJim said...

That makes my mouth water...and I'm glasd you got by without spending any money! Always a good thing!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Great sharing a story of good customer service!

Never thought of sloppy joes on Italian bread. Yum!

The Scavenger said...

Marie, did I ever love coming home with my money. Was sweating over parting with it. And when I need anything in the Auot repair dept. you can bet I'll be going back to Auto Zone, they were so helpful. And the sloppy joe's were a big hit with the kids too, belive it or not. Thanks so much for your comment.

Hermit Jim, man they were good, great even. And yep, saved some money today too. Good day all around. Thank you my friend.

Annie, Good coustomer service is some that is hard to find now days, we all know that. These guys were great and I let them know how mu I appreciated their help too.
The toasted bread was great. Got it for 59 cents on sale yesterday and needed to use it up pretty quick. Made good use of it today. Thanks a bunch for your comment.


Ken said...

...sloppy'joes' is a fine meal,on any bread...heck i even use it as chip dip...i like 'em with some shredded cheddar cheese too...sounds like yer local Autozone gets a repeat customer eh ?...regular customers always get better service anyway...congrats on savin the cash...hell Brother,lets get to the casino while yer luck holds

Jennifer said...

Sloppy joes sound good! Good customer service is a rare thing anymore. Of course my view may be a bit jaded right now, I just ordered some seeds from Park seed about two weeks ago. I will spare you the details, but their customer service leaves something to be desired. LOL. Glad to hear Auto Zone is better!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Chris! What a blessing you had with your jeep situation! You got what our country needs more of right now--people putting people over business. I'm sure Auto Zone could use business and money like the rest of the country, and they did it the right way. They made you happy which probably guaranteed them a customer for life! Thanks for the uplifting story!
Your sloppy joes sounds yummy (for dinner, though!:-)) Been prepping like crazy here! How about you?

Kymber said...

sooo glad that the jeep got fixed and for zero dollars! good for you for spreading the word about Auto is always so important to share the news when we encounter an honest place to do business!

(make sure to call Auto Zone and ask to speak to a Manager - tell the manager about the great service you received so that the guy who helped you out gets a Kudos from his boss! I do this whenever I get good service. It's a great way to get more people in the service industry to continue to serve well!)

take care buddy!

The Scavenger said...

Ken, loved the slopy joes man, they were great and the kids liked them too. I'm not sure my luck is really any kind of streek we would want to bet on..LOL

Jennifer, sorry to hear about your seeds, and I know you need them now. Coustomer service is hard to find but great when you do.

Gen, thanks so much. Auto Zone has a regular coustomer for sure now. They were a great help. Prepping?? You bet honey, like crazy. Glad you got on the prepping craze, seen your comment on Viking Preparedness too. Get your BoB's fixed yet???

Kymber, thanks a bunch my friend. And you bet I called Auto Zone, as soon as I seen that had taken care of my problem I call to let them know how much I appreciated it. Took them all a dozen dounuts the next morning too, they were as happy as I was.LOL

Thank you all for taking time to read and comment here on my little farm blog. You all mean a lot to this poor old farm boy, thank ya much.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

The BOB--Talked to hubby about it last night. He told me he considers his hunting bag his BOB. He has most of the items on V.P.'s list, except water. So, now I have to get mine together. What have I done so far? I pulled out some food stuffs! (not much, I know)This weekend I'll try to get some more done on it. I'm also planning a meeting with 2 friends who are getting scared and need some help/motivation/direction on what to do to be prepared. We're gonna have a 'preparedness workshop'. They're our closest friends whom we would help and vice versa when it all blows up. Excited about getting them some direction that I've been learning from you all! Thanks much! (You can keep on us to stay up-to-date on these things we're supposed to do!)

warren said...

Those guys in those car parts places are usually so helpful. Glad to hear you saved a couple'a bucks too!

Grumpyunk said...

Sometimes I wonder how many parts I've bought that I didn't need.

After owning a couple of British motorcycles I learned the part about checking the connections!

My wife has family down around London. They have a big get together every October, if I can get down there I'll give ya a shout.

The Scavenger said...

Gen, I am so glad to hear you are getting your BOB together and helping others too. We all need to have neighbors and friends we can turn to when it hit's the fan. Also be sure to check out the prepper network from you state. MMpaints does a great job,

Keep on preppin !!

Warren, you're right, they were glad to help out. And I was glad to have it

Thanks for stopping by.


The Scavenger said...

Grumpyunk, give me a shout man, love to meet up with ya.