Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$218.08 and counting !!

That's right, I reached my goal of $200.00 in my first month with the Survival Seed Vault campaign. I can hardly believe it ! Like I said in my last post I never thought you could really make money having ads on your blog. Boy was I wrong. Several of you took me up on the offer to have the Survival Seed Vault ad on your blog too and I hope you are doing well with it too. I know some of you are getting some sells because I have made around $13.00 from your sales too. That is the 2% I mentioned last post. I received credit for an order someone place that was $325.00, my commission, 10% = $32.50 !! That put me over the top with my goal of $200 in my first month. Needless to say, I am a believer now. LOL

I never intended this blog to be about money but, if you can make it that easy while providing others a means to order their Heirloom Seeds, it's hard not to do. I feel very confident and proud to be able to offer people a place to purchase seeds and to make some money too !! Now here are a few tips that I have seen others doing that make much more money than I do with their Survival Seed Vault ads. If I had more time to devote to this blog and could write good articles about the seeds I am sure I would do MUCH better with my sells. Anyway, here is what I have seen others do.

Let your readers know about the Survival Seed Vault. Heirloom Organics offers other seed packages as well but this seems to be the one that most people are looking for. Write a post telling your readers that you now offer this VERY IN DEMAND PRODUCT. Many are looking for heirloom seeds either to start now or for future use. I personally ordered another Survival Seed Vault for possible future barter if the economy continues on this dangerous path. Many others have the same fears of the future as I do and are buying all they can in order to provide for their families future needs. Let your readers know the importance of heirloom seeds vs. hybrids. Many people still have no idea that you can't really depend on getting usable seeds from hybrids. You guys probably know more about this topic than I do, so let others know to. Provide a link at the bottom of each of your posts that goes to the Survival Seed Vault ad or any of the other seed packages they offer. Remind your readers regularly that you have the ads there for their benefit as well as yours. You are providing a valuable service. Just google Survival Seed Vault and look at all the hits they get. People are looking for places to buy these seeds and they are going to buy them. Why not buy them from your ad ? It costs them the same no matter where they get them and I'm sure most of your readers would rather buy them from your ad than anywhere else. Let them know you got 'em. Like I said before, this is what I see others doing that are making a lot more than I am and I'm pretty happy with my earnings. Find someone that is successful and just do what they do. If I had the time I would be posting a lot more about the farm and the seeds. Anyway, good luck to you all and I hope you sell a million bucks worth of seeds. LOL, you would get 100,000 dollars and I would get 20 grand too. I kinda like the sound of that. hahahah!!!!
For those of you who still want to get in on the fun and the money use the link below and sign up to get your seed ad for your blog or website too.

Thanks again and good luck to you all.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That's how much money I have made by placing the Survival Seed Vault add on my blog !! Just for having this add on my blog so people can take advantage of the Heirloom Seeds that are provided by Heirloom Organics Seed Company. Whenever someone places and order through my add on my blog I receive 10% of the total sale !! Is that cool or what ?? And when someone signs up to sell seeds on their blog using the link I provide, I get 2% of any of the sales made through their link too !!! I never really thought that I could or ever would make anything from this but I WAS WRONG !! I have only had this add up on my blog for less than 3 weeks and I am pretty sure I will reach the $200.00 mark in my first month !!! And the best part...IT COST ME NOTHING !!! All I done was sign up to have the add on my blog and then in a few minutes I got and email that said I was approved for their campaign and that was it. I just copy and paste the html code and place it in a new gadget from my dashboard and place the code there. It's really that easy !!! You guys have got to try this--it cost you nothing at all--totally free.

So come on and join in the fun and the MONEY by signing up with this link. You will get 10% of all sales that are made though your add. THIS REALLY WORKS !!!!!hT1Mvq1BAAGNdmMxMjIAVQAABU5CAAAowg-A

If you have any question please email me at

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anyone know what these are ???

Olivia has a set of cookware that belonged to her great grandmother and we are just not really sure what they are. We would like to find out because she needs a handle and a lid for one. They are made of enamel and have no markings on them anywhere. If you have any ideas or know where I may go to find out please let me know. This is a beautiful set and we would like to find the pieces needed. Here's a few pics.

This littel guy here is the one that needs and lid and handle.

These have been in storage for quite some time and we would love to get them cleaned up and put them in use once again. If anyone has any ideas we would love to hear them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's all about self reliance for me

Being self reliant or self sufficient is something that I long for and work towards each day. It's not easy either let me tell you. Like most of you, I have been addicted to consumerism since birth. Everywhere we go, everything we see encourages us to spend spend spend. Everything is disposable now days. Products are made cheap so as to not last too long and are usually priced so that it's cheaper to replace an item than it is to have it repaired. That's sad I think. I try to repair anything that has problems before I even consider buying a new one but parts are hard to come by and too expensive to be an option most of the time. Quality seems to be a thing of the past. I would gladly pay a little more for a good quality product if you can even find one. That's the problem that I have, I can't find any products that are good quality no matter what the price is. We just use things and then throw them away. There they sit in a landfill for the next million years or more because they were junk to start with. The days of spend spend spend are over here at the farm. I'm just not going to buy things that are junk to start with and then have to buy them over and over again once the give up the ghost.

I guess that's the reason I am so happy to have purchased my Survival Seed Vault. I know that I will never have to purchase these seeds again. All good quality heirloom seeds that will replenish themselves years after year. I'm not buying any of that Monsanto chemical filled seed that is gone with the end of harvest season. I don't want my kids eating that crap anyway, God only knows what they do to those seeds that ends up in the fruit in the end. I don't need some scientist monkeying around with my seeds. I think God had a pretty good idea of what he was doing when he spoke this seeds into existence and ordered them to reproduce a good quality seed that could/should be replanted year after year. I guess God isn't a consumer

I guess what I am trying to say is that at least with these heirloom seeds that I have now I feel a little saver and more prepared for the days ahead. My Survival Seed Vault provides me and my family a lifetime of seeds that will feed us for the rest of our lives. It's another step in self reliance I would say.

Now, click that link on the side and....Get ya some.

Friday, April 3, 2009

An update...Finally !!!!

Sorry to all my very faithful readers for my sparse posting. Life happened. With taking care of this little farm and my girls very little time is left for anything else it seems. Busy time for anyone that has a garden to tend too, most of you do I know.

So here is a little of what's going on in my neck of the woods. Plowed the garden a few weeks ago I think.....planted some taters, onions, broccoli and lettuce. I have some mater seeds started and peppers and cuke's too. The cuke's are already up too, in only 4 days they sprouted. Planting all heirloom seeds this year, nothing else. I ordered the Survival Seed Vault on the banner on the sidebar and I am VERY PLEASED !!! I should never have to buy seed again, not too bad for a hundred bucks either. Click on the banner and look at all you get. A big thanks to Bullseye for letting me know about the seeds and for showing me how to get the banner for my blog too. If you want to have this banner on your blog just click the link below the banner and sign up, it's that easy. I think you get a few bucks too if someone buys the seeds from your banner. Hey, you offer a great product at a great price and everybody wins, I like the sound of that. Anyway, order you some heirloom seeds and get signed up to have the banner too, maybe will can all make a buck in the end. LOL

My pygmy goat, Emily never did have her kids, I think she must have lost them somewhere along the way. I was really looking forward to see those little babies too. I'm going to breed her again real soon and try again. Liv is out of town this week with the girls and the camera or I would post on recent pics of the kids, they are growing like crazy.

Chickens are really starting to get in the groove too. Been getting 4 or 5 eggs a day from my 7 layers. Ducks are laying like crazy too. One of the hens is setting on 15 eggs and I think they should hatch in a week or so. It takes the Muscovy's 33 days to hatch I think. I know it's longer than any chicken or any other duck. Guess that's why they're so pretty, they get to take their time. hehe!!

Got a few apple trees planted too. I hope to get a few more next week. Lowes has them for $19.95, well, 20 bucks. lol Planted a Granny Smith and a Red Delicious so far. I would love to have 10 or 12 trees, that would be great. But like everything else, not enough time or money to go around. Maybe later.

Well, I better get back to work. Talk to you soon, I promise.