Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy Times of the Farm

Not had much time to post in the last few days. I have been a busy little beaver. Put a new roof on the chicken coup (with Scavenged wood ofcourse), about finished with my Chicken Tractor, I will post pics soon I promise. Went out Scavenger hunting today and found some out discarded tires that I will use to grow potatos in and they make great planters for other crops aswell. Raised onions in one last year and they done great. Plan on planting radishes in one this year too. I cleaned out the goat barn also and will use it for compost. I have a big pile brewing as I write this. Compost is a must for an organic garden. As always I have been looking over all the seed catalogs and have been thinking of trying some dwarf fruit trees for the deck. Bannanas, oranges and lemon are on the list for now. More on that later.

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Staying Alive said...

Hey there, Scavenger, those trees you want to plant seem to be more suited for central or south america than down in Kaintuck. What's your trick? You gonna keep 'em warm in the winter or what?

Life is bright and sunny here in southern Indiana to day. It's been cloudy and overcast all week. Rain in huge amounts.

We have a few thousand acres here in Indiana, in the hills. Not much for row cropping but it will grow the hell out of cattle. Lots trees. Hardwoods of course.

I liked your articles and I liked your reply to Dragon about keeping his chin up. Good thought.