Sunday, March 23, 2008

Duck Egg Suprise

I got a very nice suprise today while working on my chicken tractor. When I opened the top there lay 6 duck eggs in one of the nesting box. I started on this chicken tractor a few weeks ago and haven't done much on it for a while. I left the gate door open during that time and looks like the ducks found a good place to lay. I bought 2 duck chicks last summer (Male and Female) and was told they were related and would not breed. So I guess the female just got to the age to start laying. I'm sure the eggs are not fretilized so we will be enjoying them in a batch of brownies this evening. Had planned on more chickens for the chicken tractor but I guess mother nature has other plans and we all know it's not nice to fool with mother nature. I guess now it's a duck tractor.

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