Saturday, March 29, 2008

Very Productive Day on The Farm

This was truly a productive day for the farm. Purchases for today were 1 Pygmy Billy Goat to breed to my nannie, 4 more bantam hens for eggs, set 48 eggs in the incubator, due to hatch about April 18, 2 hen ducks for eggs, 50lbs seed potatos, 3 pots of strawberries to plant in the garden and 4 lbs of green onion sets. It's been a happy day here on The Johnson Family Farm. We love getting new animals. The goats name is Chief that's the name the previous owner gave him and it just fits. To late today to get good pictures. Look for them tommorrow. I think we made some important steps today to ready ourselfs for the bleek future that we belive lies ahead. We have some seeds started in the Greenhouse and they are doing great for such a short time. Planted on Wedenesday and already sprouted. Much more to come.

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