Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fence, Fence and more Fence

Seems that all I get done these days is putting up or repairing more fence. I guess it is because I have not done as much in the past few years as I would like to have, due mostly to my buget. I have to save up for a shoestring project. But it could be alot worse. Things are going well on the farm. Still have more plans for the future and I hope I always will. Not sure if our new buck goat has serviced the does yet. I think they are like cats, you never see them in action just the result. We hope to grow our herd by 3 to 5 atleast. If the breeding and kidding go well that should be no problem. Set posts today for the new goat fence. Now they free range throughout the day and are put in the small barn only at night. There are plans for a larger barn mid summer. Fence area will be 16' cattle panels on the front, about 160', and electric on the sides and back. Need the panels on the front for the kids protection, no electric on this part. Should get the rest of the posts set for the front tomorrow and a few corner posts too if all goes well. Then on to the electric. Never used it before but I think it will be great for this area. Using a Solar Charger from Tractor Supply. The plan is to be able to move the electric fence to different areas during the summer when a good barn is not needed. Goats are perfectly happy out in the open during summer nights. A small portable shelter will be provided as the fence is moved from place to place. Should be able to take care of a lot of brush and grass this way while providing the much needed roughage for the goats.

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