Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rain and Cold

It has been rainy and cold here today with a few snow flurries to boot. Not what I was really wanting if you know what I mean. Hard to get much done in this kind of weather. Spent a little time in the Greenhouse though, nice and warm in there. All seeds are sprouted and I still have more to plant. Going to try some birdhouse gourds this year. Bought seeds at the amish country greenhouse last week. The amish have gourds hanging everywhere around their houses and lok so nice all painted white. Be nice to have some to play around with. My wife is really good at decorating and painting and so on so I know she can do some really cool stuff with them. Chickens are all doing well and seem to be happy working the ground in the garden area. Hey it saves me a lot of work and they eat bugs and unwanted seeds to. Chickens are a real plus on the homestead. Goats are working too, eating grass and weeds the I would otherwise have to cut myself. The great part about my farm animals is that they get rid of the things I don't want or need through one end of their body and produce good organic matter which they deposit out the other end. Compost machines is what I call them. Just turn them loose in the area you want them to work and sit back and what the happily take care of business.

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