Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's all about self reliance for me

Being self reliant or self sufficient is something that I long for and work towards each day. It's not easy either let me tell you. Like most of you, I have been addicted to consumerism since birth. Everywhere we go, everything we see encourages us to spend spend spend. Everything is disposable now days. Products are made cheap so as to not last too long and are usually priced so that it's cheaper to replace an item than it is to have it repaired. That's sad I think. I try to repair anything that has problems before I even consider buying a new one but parts are hard to come by and too expensive to be an option most of the time. Quality seems to be a thing of the past. I would gladly pay a little more for a good quality product if you can even find one. That's the problem that I have, I can't find any products that are good quality no matter what the price is. We just use things and then throw them away. There they sit in a landfill for the next million years or more because they were junk to start with. The days of spend spend spend are over here at the farm. I'm just not going to buy things that are junk to start with and then have to buy them over and over again once the give up the ghost.

I guess that's the reason I am so happy to have purchased my Survival Seed Vault. I know that I will never have to purchase these seeds again. All good quality heirloom seeds that will replenish themselves years after year. I'm not buying any of that Monsanto chemical filled seed that is gone with the end of harvest season. I don't want my kids eating that crap anyway, God only knows what they do to those seeds that ends up in the fruit in the end. I don't need some scientist monkeying around with my seeds. I think God had a pretty good idea of what he was doing when he spoke this seeds into existence and ordered them to reproduce a good quality seed that could/should be replanted year after year. I guess God isn't a consumer either...lol

I guess what I am trying to say is that at least with these heirloom seeds that I have now I feel a little saver and more prepared for the days ahead. My Survival Seed Vault provides me and my family a lifetime of seeds that will feed us for the rest of our lives. It's another step in self reliance I would say.

Now, click that link on the side and....Get ya some.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good stuff, Chris. I just love it when we can fix, save, reuse something that, at first, looks like it's life is over. That's the real thought in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle saying that so many folks just don't get! Glad you've got those seeds!

Marie said...

I like self-reliance, and I like having choices--hopefully quality choices, like you said...How do those seeds come packaged? What if you didn't use all of one type (not enough room in the garden, etc.) at a time--would they store well once opened? Do they have instructions so that you don't accidentally cross-pollinate your crops and end up with hybrids?
Sorry about all the questions--I usually just go to the store and pick up the little packets, and if
a big purchase like the seed vault ended up being wasted, it wouldn't be worth it in the long run... (ha, ha--the word verification is ground...)

HermitJim said...

A person that can fix and repair things for themselves and others, will be a valuablw member of the community both in the world today...and in the possible future "doom" bases society.

Hands on skills are going to make a lot of handy men good people to know.

Good post!

The Scavenger said...

Hey Gen, I love to fix and reuse things when ever I can, it's kind of a hobby for me. Can't always fix this ching chong china junk though...lol

Marie, the seeds are packaged seprately and inside this bucket/vault. If you don't use them all you can seal the vault back up and keep them for a very very long time. And yes there is instructions inside each Survival Seed Vault that tells you everything you need to know about it. Also instructions on how to harvest and save the seeds you grow. The best buy in the long run, plus you are assured of having seeds in the future. I am saving up some money to buy a few more just to put up for future barter...ya know what I mean..lol

Hermit Jim, I don't think I could have said it better my friend. They are in pretty big demand now. People bring me things daily to repair, I love to fix stuff, always have had a pretty good nack for it too. I get plenty of business because folks know I don't have the heart to charge them if I know they're in a pinch. Oh well, I call it planting good seed..lol It's always best to help those that need you, it's paid off in many other ways in life.

Thank you all for your comments and sorry I've been a while responding...busy, busy bee..lol


Grumpyunk said...

Marie brings up a good point on cross pollination. I've gotten a couple of good hybrid Tomatoes from having some cross pollinate. But I'm sure that none of us want our corn crossing with the Roundup Ready in the fields around us.

Now I don't have the answer here as I never really worried about it to much before, like her, I just bought seeds. It seems like something that I should be thinking about now while it's not a problem.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

DayPhoto said...

We try every day to do without buying. You are right, this is the only way to go now.

When I see people paying for $5 items with a credit card I want to scream NO! Do not do that to yourself! But it is their life and example is the only way to lead.


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Sounds like a great idea. I'm finally going to put a garden in this year! Jim picked up the chicken wire last night and the posts. Now all that's left to do is measure it out, till it up and plant! Hurray!!!

Lisa B. said...

I agree with this being a disposable world! I'm not sure what types of things you are trying to fix but we have really good luck with getting parts from Marbeck.com out of Kansas City Missouri. They are supposed to be the largest online small appliace parts people. Hope that helps someone.

The Scavenger said...

Grumpyunk, very good questions indeed. I'm going to research the cross pollination thing and try to do a post on. Probably be good info for us all.

Linda, same here. I try to go days on end without any purchases, it's hard to do sometimes. I with ya on those credit cards..hate 'em.

Amy, that's great news about the garden, be sure to keep us up to date with pics and all. Gonna be a lot of fun at 12 acres this year I bet.

Lisa B. Thanks for the link, that place seems to have everything. That is usually the kind of stuff I am looking for too. Thanks for coming over and I hope you come back often.

Thank you all, good to hear from you.