Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kids, K-9's and Karpet

Those three just don't do too well together around here. Kids, namely little Miss Katie Bug is well...........hell on carpet. She spills everything everywhere all the time. Really she does. And the dogs, well if you have any that spend anytime at all inside, you know what I mean. Well, I guess we can't part with the kids or the K-9's but we can part ways with the nasty carpet that catches everything. No matter has much you clean it's dirty are you know it. So, out with the old and in with the new, wood floor that is. We have pretty much destroyed the house over the last 3 days, it's a mess. That's the reason there are no pictures just yet. Liv said NO WAY when she seen the camera in my hands. She wins. I'd hate for anyone to see this mess. We cut up and took out the carpet in the living room and hall way so far. Pulled about 4 million staples out of the floor from the carpet and padding. Cleaned up the floor with the shop vac, layed down a layer of foam looking padding for the new floor. It's in a roll and I'm not sure what it's called but it is recommended. Liv and I got the floor down in the living room and the hall way today, well maybe this evening would be the best to say and late at that. Tomorrow we will take out the carpet in the dining room and get the floor down in there or at least that's the plan. Then all will be done except the baseboard trim and some new trim around 2 doors. It's been a job for sure but it looks great. In all we are replacing 630 sq ft of carpet with wood floor, not cheap or easy but it's well worth it. We are installing floating floor and the color is Bay Chestnut. It's made in France not Mexico or China believe it or not.

When this project is over and we get everything cleaned up I promise some pictures but not until then. lol I overheard the lady of the house on the phone today saying that we had some other projects to complete after we get finished up with this one, I pretended not to hear that. Anyway, with all the work here on the farm and in the house there's not much time for anything else. I'll get some pics up of the new floor ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

nice post Scavenger. Can't wait to see the new floor! Don't work too hard!

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TEAM HALL said...

Unleash the honey-do list!! I love it!!!!!!! You go Liv! hehe

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Your gonna love having wood floors. Its one of the things I love about our new place. So much easier to keep clean. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Take Care,

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

You're doing what we want/need to do. Front room, dining area (linoleum), and hall carpet out and wood floor in. We're thinking maybe in the fall!! Can't wait to see how yours turns out! Good to hear from you!

Ken said...

...we got lucky,wood floor under our carpet was salvagable,lotsa dust and dirt,some minor patchwork,sanding and minwax...turned out better than we expected...and best of all way under budget...although that was yrs and occasional dog traffic hasn't been

The Scavenger said...

Just finished up tonight and get the place so messed up I can't even find the camera. Going to try to get the rest of the house back in shape in the morn, hope to find the camera then. Get ya pics as soon as I can. It sure looks good and we are proud of our efforts. Thank you all so much for stopping by to say hello. I sure miss spending time with this blog and hope to be able to get back to regular posts soon.


Marie said...

I'm impressed that you guys are doing it yourselves--sounds like a lot of work, but nice to have. When we bought this house, there was carpet in the bathrooms, and that was gone before we moved in. (Didn't do it ourselves, though!) Bet it looks great!

Christy said...

You've been busy! We have so much going on outside we can't even find time to clean our wood floors. We'd never find time to put them in.

DayPhoto said...

Can hardly wait to see the new floor. I have a new floor on my wish-list also.