Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Animals and signs of fall

A lot of pictures around the farm of the animals, lot of pics and a lot of animals too. Here I am trying to get Daisy to let me know when the kids are gonna be here. She's not telling. Guess that nice stroke on the nose just don't do much for her.
The ducks always come to see if the steers left and food for them. They are little bums. We feed these ducks several times a day and they still come running everytime they see one of us.
The trusted farm dog. Smokey Bear. How could ya not love that face.
Cheif, our buck pygmy just hangin out.
Liv talking it over with one of the goats. I bet their talking about me. I just know it.

Our little Honey Girl had a surpise for us today, 3 black puppies. Not sure about the father of these pups, probably a wanderer just passing through. She likes the "ruff" type.
From that look I belive I have taken enough pics of her baby's.

Our oldest calico cat, patches, enjoying the day outside with us.
This is one of Honey Girls pups too.. Bandit is about 4 years old now and still so little. He's my little grandson. haha!!!
Liv and Katie with 2 of patches kittens, I think Katie is holding Fluffy and Liv has Iddy Biddy. Patches is in the floor keepig and eye on things.

There are sure sign s of fall around there these days and not just the cool nights. The trees are starting to change their color.

Sir. Loin and T-Bone eating a little hay. Hang in there boys, won't be long until your in the freezer.


Cath said...

Your pictures just get me all revved up!!!! I have a ton of questions for you about the goats one day soon...

Seldom Seen Acres said...

Great post ... love the photos!

Marie said...

Great pictures--haven't seen Sir. Loin in awhile. Your farm looks like a lot of fun-- I'm sure it's a lot of work too--and your animals look happy. Hope everything goes great with the goats!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! 'Chief' sure looks like a little old man, doesn't he? And those puppies are adorable! You have quite a little 'Noah's Ark' there! (I'm jealous!:-)) Gen--IL Homesteader

The Scavenger said...

Cath, I sent you an email, so check it already. lol

Seldom Seen Acres, thanks, been check your blog too, love it.

Maire, Sir. Loin has been up in the top field this summer, it's all dried up now. We finally got rain last night, been about a month. We love those animals.

Gen, sometimes I feel like Ole McDonald. Cheif does look like and old man now that you mention it. I think he looks like Papa Smurf.

Thanks gals, always good to hear from ya.


Ron said...

Hey, Chris, I enjoyed the pictures and your recent posts. We're starting to feel like fall around here too, although just the dogwoods have changed color so far. It's a motivating time of year, I think, when the weather starts feeling cool.


rsae718 said...

Buddy You are looking pretty good there in that picture. Hope all is well.

Your Cuz in Nebraska

The Scavenger said...

Ron, thanks buddy, Maple trees really starting to turn in last few days here. I love all the fall colors and the cooler nights too.

Russ, Thanks for stopping by Cuz. I bet you guys already have a foot of snow on the ground. LOL Plese come back often and check out the goings on around here.

Thanks guys for your comments.