Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can't seem to get Prepping off my mind

For the last several days my mind has been on prepping like crazy. With the economy in the shape it's in everyone should be getting ready for a long hard ride. I'm not really the gloom and doom kinda guy but I know what I see and what I feel and I don't like either. The "Bail Out" is gonna cost us a bunch, I don't what anyone to loose money I just don't want to be the one to pay them back if they do, ya know? When I was down and out a few years ago I don't remember the gov. working late at night to secure my well being or even caring if I lived or died. Come April 15th though and they know excatly who I am and my ability to to pay them their cut.

It's this junk that keeps my up at night wondering if I have done enough to be prepared. There are many more preps that I would like to have but I'm in good shape overall. More guns and ammo are always nice, but you need far more than that for the long haul. Food and heat are the most important to me right now. I have been splitting firewood like a mad man. I think I have enough for 3 average winters, average being the key word there. Most folks think were in for a long, cold and dark time, I feel they may be right, and not just about the weather. Gonna make a run to Big Lots and see what else I can come up with in the canned good department. I got a 20% coupon off your entire purchase through an email yesterday and I'm gonna take advantage of it. Anything you add to your food storage is better than nothing. Our gov can't take care of us and wouldn't even if they could so rule that out right off the bat. It's gonna be the good people of this country that have prepared for TSHF that will survive these dark days ahead. Are you one of them???????

Went to town the other day to pay my property tax. Grrrrrr!!!!! I told the lady there that I was here to make my freedom payment and she looked at me kinda funny and ask what I was talking about. Well as I understand it, if I fail to come in and make this payment the county will sell the property that I OWN to the highest bidder. Now does that sound like freedom to you I ask. She was quick to take my money and give me a reciept that shows that I can keep MY property for another year.


Hannah said...

Preparedness seems to be a very hot topic right now. It seems like many people are on the ball with this, but too many people aren't.

That's great that you are so prepared.

Hannah @

BigBear said...

Food and Wood are at the top of my list also, I have plenty of food lacking in wood. I have been working on a big sunroom along the south side of the cabin. Should help out alot with heating. Thanks for reminding me to pay my taxes.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

I think the preparedness feeling is natural in the fall, but it's even more prevalent because of the economy. I've been feeling it, too (and answering.
And speaking of taxes, with the housing market going to crap and house prices falling, how is it that our taxes keep going up???? Huh??? Gen-IL Homesteader

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Don't you wonder about the people who don't even see this coming? We have been canning everything in sight, and stocking up on wood, who knows if you will even be able to get gas to cut firewood in the coming times...

Good post, except the tax part :(

Cath said...

You know Chris, I really enjoy all of your posts, but when you do one like this, that comes straight from your heart and gut...well, it chokes me up! I know what you're feeling. I'm sure a lot of your sleepless nights come from having little people totally dependant on you. I'm in that boat...worried for them...not me! Every can of soup, bag of pasta, bag of beans on my shelves relieves the worry a little. You know, up here in Canada we're not feeling the U.S. pain YET and they're all walking around totally oblivious to what's coming! Sorry, I didn't mean to make this an Just to say, keep your posts's comforting to know that other people in the world think the same!

warren said...

We started about 1 year ago but it has come screaming back to the front of my mind recently as well. I don't know why everyone doesn't feel compelled to do something. Anyhow, congrats on your continued efforts!

Marie said...

First, allow me to congratulate you on 3 (3!) winters' worth of fuel. If you aren't ready, you are definitely moving in the right direction... As for the preparation thing, I am working on it little by little. I look at the many ways that emergency preparation could be needed, and it scares me a little. Fear can be a great motivator, though, when it moves us to do good things... great post.

The Scavenger said...

Hanna, preparedness is a hot topic for sure. I see a lot of people that are ready but many many that think there is no reason. I just hope they open their eyes to the world around them soon.

bigbear, the sunroom on the cabin will be a great addition. Helps with heating and I'm sure you will be using it as a green house too. LOL don't forget to make your freedom payment.

Gen, glad to hear you are answering the call of the I took a smoke break today and seen a squriel running on the ground with a nut in his mouth, my first thought was, were did he get that nut and then I better get busy, this guy know's more than I do.

MOH, I feel somewhat sorry for the sheeple that don't want to see this coming. I too have canned anything that will fit in a jar. Sorry about the tax thing, just burns my ass, i feel like I'm paying them rent on my property. I hate those SOB's.

Cath, suck it up honey, we gotta take care of these youngins. I know you are doing all you can to protect you and yours too. We are all in this together and we will survive. Now stop trying to make me cry too. LOL

Warren, glad to know that you started a year ago, you are ahead of the game. Keep prepping daily. Thanks

Marie, thanks, I feel a lot better with all that firewood now. I am going to make myself do some kind of preps daily, no matter how small, I will do something from now on. I know you are getting ready too, glad to know that the good folks of this world aren't blind to what's ahead.

Thank you all so much for your comments, I hope this helps to keep prepping in the front of all of our minds.