Thursday, February 21, 2008

Future Projects (Hopefuly Near)

I will begin with small steps to my freedom from society. I may cause some alarm if I just slip out when no one is looking. I hope that maybe one day people will say "Yea, I remember him, wonder what ever happened to that guy?" So slowly but surley I fade away into the land of the FREE. Steps to be taken:

1. Grow and preserve all of our own food.
(Have chickens, ducks and goats now)

2. Generate usable amount of electricty through some form. Solar, wind or water.
(We get lots of Sun very little wind but have a pond with a nice overflow.)

3. Stop buying shit we have no use for. (We have plenty of that already)

4. Should probably be number 1 but stop my addiction to smoking and diet coke!!!!
(These 2 together are enough for most off gridders to live on.)

5. Rain water collection system.
(Our house is 2200 sq. ft. so we can easily get 1100 gals of water from 1 inch of rain.)

1 comment:

BigBear said...

That whole stop buying shit is a real hard one. I'm still working hard on that. It is so tough to break such an instilled habit...consumerism is such a bad thing.

I will hopefully get some experience with canning soon. I can remember my mom and grandma both do it but never paid that much attention. I wish I would have now.

Good Luck