Friday, February 29, 2008

Grow More

It's that time of year again, thank God. Time to get in the dirt and grow our independence one crop at a time. Time to tend your Victory Garden. Groundwork for Victory, more than 60 years later the phrase still applies. Will y0u grow more in '08? I plan to and I hope you are too. I have worn the pages of my seed catalogs and planned the layout of my garden this year. Started seeds inside in my Micro Greenhouse and already tranplanted some into lager pots. I will be building cold frames this weekend to give all my plants a headstart this year. Cold frames are new for me and I can hardly wait to try them out. I will post pics of them soon. Remember a garden is one of the first steps to freedom and a must for any independent person or family. If you have never tried gardening before this is the time to start. And you don't need a lot of room to have a nice harvest, just check out The Path to Freedom and see what they are raising on a 1/10 of an acre.

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Yup, I've checked your site out a number of times, bro. It's pretty cool. Similar topics and lines of thinking for sure. Keep it up.
- RM