Friday, February 29, 2008

Tax Rebates = Independence

You are about to get a tax refund check. What could this extra money be used for? The government hopes you will head straight to Wal-Mart and spend it like pouring water out of a bucket. Their plan is for you to help spur on the econ0my they have strangled. Click here to find out more. I plan to use this to further my steps to independence and I hope you will too. This may be your first step or it could be your last, finally freeing yourself from the grid, making that move to the country or what ever your plans are. Just keep in mind that it is your choice where this money goes, down the drain, or adding a rain gutter to catch rain water, the choice is yours. I have listed a few things one might consider purchasing with this new found money to help us attain freedom one step at a time. I have installed a Google search to your convience.
Just use it to search for the products you may be considering.

1. Solar panel

2. Upgrade your battery bank

3. Charge controler

4. Buy seeds for your Victory Garden

5. Buy and plant fruit trees on your property

6. Consider upgrades to your home to make it more enegry and water effeceint

7. Invest in a home security device (Mine is a 12ga.)

8. Use toward the purchase of a wind turbine generator

9. Use toward the purchase of a Micro Hydro generator

and the number 10 way to use your gov. money to free yourself is


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gott_cha said...

Ours will go for more .12gauge rnds,..more Rifle rnds,..and more bulk corn and wheat.