Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will You Be Prepared??? Part 1

This is the begining of a story I have had hid away in my mind for some time now. I now have a way to reach others with it's important message. Check back often as we continue to follow the everyday life of this (Fictional ?) character.

You double check your ammo supply and make sure the steel shutters are closed on all the windows of your house before you leave. As you close the steel door on the way out you are glad you installed it before things got this bad, I guess the neighbors, the one's still alive, aren't laughing so hard now. You place a 9mm under your truck seat, the other is safley tucked inside your shoulder holster. The 12 ga. is placed in the seat as it always is on these short trips to town. As you pull out the driveway you feel somewhat at ease knowing that the booby traps you have in place around your property will be an unwelcome suprise to any of the would be vandals or looters that roam the land these days in search of some poor soul that has not prepared for these times. On the road now you estimate that you have about 4.5 gals. of gas left in the tank, more than enough for this short trip. The best you can guess you have about 130 gals. left and well hid back home. With gas at $7.00 a gal. now, and you can only purchase 10 gals. a pop twice a week, you can never be too careful.

About 3 miles down the road you see the first of many vehicles left beside the road. The owners no doubt either ran out of gas or where stopped by the vandalas gangs, robbed, raped and killed. The car burned to the ground as so many are along the roadways during this horrible time we have come to. You reach into your jacket once again to feel the warmth and comfort of the 9mm handle as you drive past . Damn good thing you didn't surrender your guns during the weapons round up of '08. The Agency came and looked everywhere, they knew you had them, your name had been on their list of dangerous citizens for years now. But you bought your guns and other weapons at local flea markets and trading grounds years ago as not to have a registered gun with your name on it. You knew they would use that list when people didn't turn them over at the Agencys order.

Just ahead you see a road block, a police road block. Nothing could be worse not even the gangs that use this tactic all to many times.

More of this story in next post. Don't miss it..