Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will You Be Prepared??? Part 2

You gently place a jacket over your sawed off 12ga. in the truck seat and slow to a stop at the road block.

"Your identification and debt card please" Says the policeman.

That is ofcourse your Gov. issued drivers license and your debt card from your bank, everyone is required to have one now so the Gov. can track your purchases and most importantly your deposits. Banks are now required to deduct 40% of all deposits and forward them to the Gov.'s account. Every purchase is to be paid for with this card at the only retail store left. Belive me the banks are under a watchful eye these days too. As you hand the officer your (papers) he asks "what business do you have in town today?"

"Gasoline, this is my day to purchase 10gals." you say while trying not to show your anger with this system or your nervousness of handing him your altered drivers license and debt card.

"Ok, then move along" says the officer as he hands you back your papers. Good thing you had enough insite to have an alternate set of papers for things such as this.

You will buy some gas today just because you can. You laugh a little as you think of how Peak Oil came sooner than even the experts thought. With this came increased prices on everything. Prices seemed to skyrocket ever night. Bread from .99 to $4.00, Milk from $4.00 to over $9.00 in some parts of the state, just to name a few.

Peak Oil was just the begining of this scene. As prices went crazy so did the people. Theft and highjacking where common place. Food dilevery trucks very rarely made it to their destination without and altercation along the way. Some never made it at all. When they did they never had a full load of goods. They had to use the food to barging their way along their route. Coruption was everywhere, especially within the law enforcement. I guess they have familys to feed too.

The second and hardest blow to the nation was the assination of the President elect. He would have been the first Black man to ever hold the office. But a single rifle shot proved that maybe we weren't really ready for that just yet. The assination came just 4 days before he would have been sworn in as President. The woman that he chose a his Vice Pres. then assumed the role and made history as the first female Pres.. Many say this was planned all along so she could take the White House. Not been so great for her though. She has not been seen in public for over a year now in fear for her own life. And belive me their are plenty of people out there wanting her in their crosshairs. Within minutes of the assination of the Pres. elect a racial war of sorts broke out all over the country. As the news media coverd the riots on every chanel it spurred on even more violence. The black community went ape shit over the assination saying it must have been a white male and many took out their anger on every white they could find. Even though the shooter was never caught, it was always assumed it was a white male that commited the crime. This lasted only a few weeks though, after 10's of thousands where killed, both black and white. Then out of nowwhere the skys lit up all over. No one knows for sure where the Muslim's got a nuke, but they did, several of them, and choose this time of civil war to launch. Pretty smart on their part I must admitt. They caught us with our pants down and let us have it hard. And that is how we ended up living in the world of Mad Max.

This is a continuing story. More next post, don't miss it. Things are heating up !!!


Dragon said...

folks won't like it much.
but it hit close to the mark. but in all reality if Obama makes it I hope he has the smarts to protect hisself better... We really dont need the clinton gang runnin the country the rest of the way down. Right on about the Jihadist though...Thanks to bush our grandchildren will be lookin over their shoulder at them...
McCain ain't no better...
We're just screwed any way you look at it...thats my take anyhow.

gott_cha said...

The Powers that Be all know the machine is broken, but will continue to tell you any lie you wish to hear just to get elected and hang on to power.
If you look at the 3 contenders, pretenders that is, will see they are 1 and the same. The only change that will come is just a new card-board cut-out face put over the old Bush,Bush/Clinton,Clinton/Bush/Reagan political machine.
Politicians for the most part quit listening to what americans wanted shortly after LBJ was sworn in.
When the poop hits the fan here, Id be surprised if the Islamics did'nt nuke us with Russia's or China's help,...just for payback,..ya know?