Thursday, May 15, 2008

Food Storage

Here are some of the used buckets that we are going to use to store flour and meal in. Each hold about a 5lb bag, wish they were a little larger, but hey, they were free. We try to use as many things as we can that are of little or no cost. All buckets were hand washed first and then ran through the dishwasher.

Just some of the stuff we have added to the stock pile. There is much more this is just what was left on the table when I thought to take a picture. All items were on sale or bought with a coupon or both. We only buy when things are on sale or atleast that is the plan. With food cost going up everyday it is only wise to buy all the extra you can afford, belive me, you may not be able to afford it the next time you are in town. We have found that with gas prices the way they are that it is probably cheaper to go ahead and buy the things you are gonna need (on sale or not)when you are out. It's cheaper than driving back again.


hillbilly2be said...

Those buckets are the perfect size. That's a great idea... I should approach the cafes and grocery stores around here and see if they have some that they throw away. Maybe next time I go to town. Trips to town are becoming increasingly infrequent. :)


The Scavenger said...

Thanks Ron, Check with your local bakery, they usually have a lot of buckets to get rid of and glad to have you take them. Have got several 5gal. buckets from the bakery at Kroger all for free.