Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strawberry Day !!!!

Found out about a place just outside of town the other day that lets you pick your own strawberries for $5.00 a gallon. So, the girls where heading that way today and thought it would be alot of fun to check it out. They picked a gallon and a half and we made strawberry jam tonight. Here are some pictures of the days adventure.

This is the strawberry field. Man that looks beautiful.

Momma and Katie picking the best of the best.
I know I seen one in here somewhere.
Look mom, there everywhere.
Savannah and Katie with the days harvest.
In the basket and on the way home.

First we had to cut off all the stems and rinse them good in cold water. Preparing the jars that they picked up at BigLots. They have the best price, $6.50 for the pints and half pints and $7.00 for the quarts.
Savannah in the MIX of things.
Hey, thats me, pouring the jam into a cup and then into the jars.

Later that night, beautiful Strawberry Jam. The house smells so good right now, wish you could smell it too.


Anonymous said...

Strawberry jam while it's cooking is one of THE BEST smells in the entire world!! (along with home-baked bread, lilacs, and lily-of-the-valley) No other jam-in my opinion-smells as good as strawberry while it cooks. Looks like a fun day for everyone. Gen--IL Homesteader

hillbilly2be said...

Hey, Chris, looks like a great day for you and the family! We used to visit a strawberry patch up north when we lived in MN, and sure do miss it. I bet the house smells fantastic... nothing beats that homemade jam! I have got to get the strawberry bed going one of these days. :)