Saturday, May 3, 2008

Possum Removal 101

First you need a possum that is in need of removal. I had one today thanks to my mother-in-law who found one trapped in her trash can. We just didn't have the heart to kill this little guy, we are not that hungry just yet. So I found a cardboard box and dumped him and a little of the trash along with it into the box then placed the box on the front rack of my ATV and off we went. A gravel road goes by my driveway into the Daniel Boone National Forest. After about a mile on this road I found a spot that I thought he may like better than the trash can or the cardboard box he was now riding in and turned the box over beside the road and away he went with a real story to tell all of his buddies.

I left some of the scraps that got him into this mess beside the road just incase he stays around for a little while he will have some easy food.

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hillbilly2be said...

That's an awesome picture of an opposum. I've just seen them from a bit of a distance out here. That's pretty cool that you relocated the little guy.