Friday, May 30, 2008

Uncontacted Amazonian tribe

Wonderful pictures of an uncontacted amazon tribe. These people have lived this way for 1000's, maybe even 10's of thousands of years without our interference, but looks like that is about to change. If history follows through as it has with other people we have "found" ( as if they where ever lost in the first place ) we will first send in a priest. His job will be to convert them or have them killed, second, we need to find what valuables they have that we can extort from them. And the third and final blow will be "Democracy" ( if they don't take to well to it at first, that is no problem, we will just force it on them as we do all others ). I feel such deep sorrow for these people, they have no idea the weight of the "Shackles of Freedom" they will sooner or later be issued. If my views offend anyone, please, excuse me. I just have such a hard time dealing with the way the world forces it's ideas of freedom upon those who "truly" know it. Use the link below to see more pictures of this tribe that atleast knows to be afraid.


Jackie said...

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on this subject. If the powers that be get their way no doubt there will soon be a big ugly air strip right down the middle of the jungle and McDonalds will be serving junk food to tourists. After all, how can these people possibly survive without "modern amenities".

This saddens me so to think of how the lives of these people will be turned upside down.

Josie said...

Same here. I wish they would just leave them be, if it were possible.

I'm sure some excuse will be found to go ruin their lives.

Maybe they'll have oil... ;P

The Scavenger said...

Thanks for the comments guys, I just had to post this if nothing else just to make people aware that some people really want to be left alone. They have a rough road ahead of them I'm sure.


hillbilly2be said...

Amen, brother... where does one have to go to have peace and quiet nowadays? :)

I do feel sorry for that tribe. Perhaps we could learn some wisdom from them if we weren't so hell-bent on saving them.


The Scavenger said...

Thanks Ron, I kinda knew you would see it my way too. You introvert. LOL !!!!!


The Chicken Lady said...

You really hit the nail on the head with this post. Why can't we just leave well enough alone? Heck, how many of us are actually *trying* to achieve a similar existance in our own small ways? Yes, pity and envy all mixed into one.

Cath said...

You know what struck me first when I saw the photo? The men folk are ready to do battle - firing arrows at the helicopter flying by. So not only can/should we be learning to leave people alone...we should take a cue from their society that MEN should act like MEN! They are the protectors of their families!! But oh no, we have all decided that women can be just like men (or better) and men should give up their role willingly. Now Chris, that statement is not a reflection on your newly acquired baking and canning skills. lol I think you're great! But I tell yah, if you start posting pictures of you in an apron, dusting the bookshelves...well, that's where I draw the line in the sand! hehe

The Scavenger said...

Cath, I'm not gonna wear an apron or dust bookshelfs. Unless that is ofcourse if Olivia decides to hit the road on me. haha!! Thanks for your comments, I love to hear from good folks like you.