Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stocking Up On Grub

My wife went to town to increase our rations for the pantry and came home with a boat load from Kroger. They had a great 10 for $10.00 sale and she really got some great stuff. We loaded up on dry goods also, pinto beans, pasta and sauce ($1.00 per quart), cereal and ofcourse peanut butter. She got a large bag of rice and when she got to the check out counter the lady told her they had got a notice to pull the rice off the shelf because they were going to start rationing very soon. Not sure if she knew what she was talking about but it sounds right. After that news my mother-in-law had to got to town and thought she would stop by Wally Mart and pick up some rice just incase. We called and ask her to pick up 4 - 5lbs of flour (2 bread flour and 2 self-rising). After getting home Liv talked to a few folks on the phone and learned that flour was on the raise again so thought we should get a little more for storage. Well when her mom came home she had, now get this, 70lbs of flour. She said she thought we better get more. She said she wanted to pay for it all and let us keep it because Liv bakes all the bread. LOL So if the SHTF we will have plenty of bread for our peanutbutter and jelly sammies.
We are planning for a cow here on the farm VERY soon. More on that in a few days.


hillbilly2be said...

I'm hoping that the current craziness is just the tremors before the quake... I need to figure out some bulk supplies one of these days too. I believe it about the rice rationing.

70 lbs. of flour! Ha, yeah you should have plenty of bread for a while. :) I'd like to pick up 50 lbs. somewhere, especially if I could get a decent discount on the bulk size.


The Scavenger said...

Food storage is a must in these uncertain times. I think that I heard that Sam's Club had been rationing rice a few weeks ago but forgot all about it. For long term storage of flour and rice after you place in the bucket put a good round of duct tape (aka. Kentucky Chrome) around the lid to insure a good seal. Duct tape is the greatest invention the world has ever known.