Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Country Boy Can Survive

Me and old Hank don't care bout what goes on 'cause we know that a Country Boy Can Survive. Enjoy!!! Boy I'm such a Redneck. hehehehe!!!!!!!!!


warren said...

My Momma used to sing me that as a baby to put me to sleep...sweet lullabyes!

Cath said...

...just brings a tear to my eyes. lol
BTW: "I can skin a buck and set a ----- " What is he saying? I guess I need some redneck lessons. hehe

The Scavenger said...

Warren, now that's a good momma.

Cath, I skin a buck, I can run a trot line. Trot line is used to run across a river or body of water and you leave it over night. Sometime during the night you "run" it, to see if you caught any fish.

Turn it all the way up. We call it "WFO" (Wide F'n Open)

Wretha said...

Nuttin' wrong with being a Redneck!


warren said...

WFO...Nice...we use RFN, Right F'n Now...I'll add WFO to my list!

Marie said...

Makes me wish I knew how to do all that in terms of survival skills--I've always been impressed by those who can. Thanks for sharing--loved the song and the video!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

You betcha! (Country gals too!)

The Scavenger said...

Wretha, thanks from one Redneck to Another.

Warren, RFN, I love it !! Thanks for the new one.

Marie, We all need those skills. Nothing like a song to get us motivated.

Any, I knew you would like it too.

Thanks for all the comments,


Staying Alive said...

Couldn't play Hank jr. cause the wife is trying to sleep and it is to get down to 18 tonight and being friends is more importatnt than Hank. Cold weather will do that to you.

I enjoyed you blog and will bookmark it for my everyday reading. Stay on that farm! It's the best place to be in the times ahead.

I am sure you know about saving seed and growing non-hybrid plants and all of that so I will not harp on that topic. Just store all you can for getting through the Winter!

Take care and prep like crazy.


The Scavenger said...

Michael, thanks a bunch and you can bet I'm staying on the farm. I not thinking too much about bugging out during hard times, I'm digg'n in brother.