Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ducks, Cakes and The Ice Age

We have 6 ducks now on the farm, lost a few to predators. These are the funniest little things, they are always hungry. They are free range and we feed them plenty too. They are always eating bugs in the yard and the garden along with whatever they find in the pond. But it seems that the food they like best is cracked corn. They could and would eat a 50 lb. bag if given the freedom to do so. Every time they see me they come running as if they hadn't eaten in weeks, pecking at my legs and boots like I'm a giant bug. LOL I get so tickled at them and I always get them some more corn. It seems that I have spoiled everything around here. hehe!! The ducks gather around me like I'm their mother.

There was an old farmer with a big green shoe,

When the ducks see him coming they don't know what to do,

So they peck and they peck 'til the farmer gives in,

And gives them a big scoop of corn once again.

As some of you my know, Olivia has a bakery business that she runs out of our home. The name is "KOST KREATIONS", KOST is the first letter in each of the girls names, Katherine, Olivia, Savannah and Traci, so it only seemed fitting to spell creations with a K also. Here is a picture of one of the many wedding cakes that she has made. She stays very busy. You can take a look at more of her work here.

Me and Katie have been watching the movie Ice Age, the first one I think. She likes to watch them until she is sure that Daddy knows every line in the movie until we move onto the next. I don't mind too much though, I like the kids movies anyhow. This one is pretty funny too. My favorite part is when the mammoth is trying to find something to eat for the baby that he has rescued and finds a melon. The Dodo birds inform him that he can't have one because they are saving them for the coming Ice Age that they say will last for millions of years. The Dodo birds are there guarding their three melons they have stored up for the event. The mammoth then says " So ya got three melons?" hahahaha!!!!! Now that's food storage Dodo bird style. Man I hope I have better food storage than a Dodo bird!!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I watched that movie years ago, and I sure don't remember that line! Good thing to remember! Thanks for the reminder to keep pressing on. Gen--IL Homesteader

warren said...

Beautiful cake. If I ever need another wedding cake (honestly, I hope I don't!), I am calling you!

I love Ice Age...The whole Dodo sequence is my favorite in the whole movie too!!!

Marie said...

Your ducks sure are characters--sorry that predators got some of them.
Wow, your wife is talented! I checked out that site and the cakes are beautiful--very creative!
As for those birds--I would say 3 melons to last that long could be the new definition of optimistic... :)

Cath said...

A scavenger, a farmer, and now a poet?! I love it!! lol

Holy moly Olivia...your Kreations are OUTSTANDING!!!!! You are truly one talented lady!!!

Ron said...

That's a great movie! Abby likes to ensure that we have them completely memorized as well. :)

Ducks sure are funny, our neighbor has a few and they trip over each other to get the corn. :)


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow, what a gorgeous cake, and the poem is good too!! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, that cake is absolutely gorgeous! Gen--IL Homesteader

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Oh you have Muscovies! Aren't their personalities a hoot? Mine don't come close enough to peck me but I'm with ya on the "starving duck" thing. They act like they're famished and the hens quack at me loudly demanding I give up the goods.

That cake is a masterpiece! I couldn't eat something so beautiful. It belongs in an art museum somewhere.

"Ice Age" is one of my favorite movies. The Dodo birds are a riot.

The Scavenger said...

Gen, Been watching that movie for about a week. That's about how long it takes for Katie to get tired of them. Thanks

Warren, I hope you never need another cake either buddy, lol Dodo birds rule. haha!!

Marie, with free range animals that's the chance ya take, your gonna loose a few. Thanks, Liv is really good at anything she wants to do.

Cath, I have many talents as you can see, just none of them very useful. lol Liv say's thanks too.

Ron, I think I enjoy the movies as much as Katie. I love the Disney movies, but then again, Hey man I'm still a kid at heart. We really enjoy the ducks, great pets and we get eggs too.

MOH, thanks a bunch girl..

Amy, the ducks seem to gather around and start bobbing their head and laughing or something. Funniest thing ever. Thanks for the comment on the cake, Liv really appreciates it. I laugh like crazy everytime I see those Dodo birds, cracks me up I tell ya.

Thanks to all for you very nice comments, I always look forward to hearing from my