Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Puree and Family Visit

My mother and father came to visit from West Virginia. We are always glad to have them, just wish they could come more often and stay longer. Katie kept them very busy while they were here. Mawmaw was worn out by the time bedtime rolled around. Katie and Mawmaw wearing silly hats.

Come on down here Pawpaw and play with us, oh, I'm getting sleepy.

Before they arrived, Katie and I made some pumpkin puree for pumpkin chocolate cupcakes. I read about them over at my buddy Warren's blog. Be sure to check it out, they were great.
Before you start any project of this manner you must first find a good helper which I am lucky to always have on hand. After cutting a fresh pumpkin in half Katie removed all the seeds.

Once the seeds are removed they look a little something like this.

Place the pieces in a bowl with a little water and microwave for 15 mins. to cook the pumpkin.

Once cooked remove the meat from the skin. I use a knife and fork in this manner and it works fine for me.

We then place the pieces in a mixing bowl like so.

Got out our handy dandy immersion blender.

The blades on the end just destroy the soft cooked pumpkin.

After about 60 seconds the deed is done.

Once you have done all the above you can simply put it into a freezer bag and then into the freezer for later use. We got 3 cups from this one small pie pumpkin, used 2 cups for the cupcakes, be sure to read about those here.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Hmmm, ya know, there's a whole FIELD full of leftover Halloween pumpkins near the orchard. Aaaaand I just happen to have one of those immersion blenders just beggin' for an excuse to come out and play. Aaaaand I know how to make pastry crusts now. Dangit! I have to make applesauce tomorrow...I can't be playing around with pumpkins too!

Cute little helper ya got there! I bet your parents are tickled to see her!

Marie said...

This is exactly what I needed to know--thanks for the step-by-step info with pictures, it is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I love baking and freezing pumpkin. If you're like me, you see people throwing out pumpkins and think "You're throwing out FOOD!"! Did you cook the seeds, too? Glad you had a good visit with your folks! Gen--IL Homesteader

The Scavenger said...

Amy, ok, after you smell up the house with that wonderful apple sauce, take a peek out the window and look at all the food that may just go to waste. I know that neither of us wants that to happen. Come on, ya know ya want to. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the "Fate of the Pumpkins". LOL

Marie, always gald to be of service. lol I hope this helps with you overflow of pumpkins.

Gen, Kinda funny you should mention that. We seen 2 pumpkins beside the road the other day that someone had thrown out and busted. I guess their fall decorations had run their course. Crazy. Didn't cook the seeds from this one, saved them for next years seed, not sure why, I have a ton of pie pumpkin seed now. LOL Need any??

Thanks for all your comments,


Riverwalker said...

And I thought I was the only one called Pawpaw (my grandson calls me that also)!


BTW, couple e-mails at ya!

The Scavenger said...

Riverwalker, got 'em and working on that now. Thanks man. Gonna get cack to ya soon.


warren said...

Well done on processing the pumpkin! Wal Mart had a ton of them still the other day when I went by...I figger they will go on sale pretty soon! We still have several cushaw squash stored too...I bet they would go fine too!