Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Defense

My thoughts have been on Home Defense to a large extent these past few weeks, with the election coming, I have been thinking of nothing else really. I wanted to add something to my Home Defense that is easy to use and easy to carry. This Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Model 995 fit the bill. I bought this one used from a local gun trader on Saturday and I fell in love with it after giving it a test drive. Plus, I have a bunch of 9mm ammo. You can read a review here.


Hi-Point 995 Pro semi-automatic carbine 9mm caliber 16.5" barrel 10 round capacity Thumb safety Fully-adjustable front post & ghost ring rear sights All-weather black polymer stock Blued receiver & barrel shroud Includes sling swivels & scope mount Magazine pouch & 2 extra magazines included 32.5" overall length 5-3/4 lbs.

I put about 100 rounds through this baby with no problems, no jamming or unejected shells. It was begging for more work after I gave it a good workout. This is what I call a good Truck/Jeep gun, easily fits in or behind the seat. I also fired a few rounds from my ATV with good results. I plan on getting a few add ons soon and will post these as they come. I paid $180 for it without the mag pouch. Not a bad price for a good gun with no paper trail.
If you're looking for an addition to your Home Defense, consider the Hi-Point 9mm Model 995. I think the best part of this gun is the NO QUESTIONS ASK LIFETIME WARRANTY. And it's made in the good 'ole USA. Nice gun for the price.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

You aren't the only one securing firearms before this election. Our business ( has picked up in the past few weeks. We've got customers we never used to!

Anonymous said...

Nice gun. I like 'no paper trail'! I'm a woman who enjoys shooting (and being able to protect myself if needs be)! Gen--IL Homesteader

Wretha said...

I'm not trying to be paranoid or anything, but I don't understand why people continue to talk about the guns they purchase? I can appreciate being proud and wanting to brag, and I am definitely PRO-gun, but I promise that NO one knows what I may or may not own, THEY can't come after what THEY don't know about... I wish I could say the rest of what I am thinking, but I don't want to give away my hand... ;)
Just my 2 cents, not worth much any more...

Cool gun BTW!


The Scavenger said...

Amy, glad your business is doing well. I check your link and wasn't able to see what you had, I'll try again.

Gen, Thanks, I am glad you are able to protect yourself and enjoy shooting aswell.

Wretha, thanks for your comment, I am not trying to brag in anyway, I do understand what you mean. I am just showing other like minded readers what I use for my defense in hopes that those who aren't prepared may be inspired to do so. I'm not too afraid of anybody comming after my gus, I have a right to KEEP and BARE them, and I do. If it comes to rounding up guns in this country, come and get 'em, they just better have more ammo than I do. lol

Thanks all of you for your comments,


Marie said...

I really appreciate the Second Amendment--gun sales have been up around here, too, according to the news.
Also liked your last post--your animals always look happy and well-taken care of. I always learn more about how to harvest things as well--I didn't know that about the walnuts--good tips!

warren said...

I have heard a lot of folks talking about Hi-Point and not a single person has had a bad thing to say about them. I am glad to hear your review as well!

Cath said...

Wow Chris! That thing looks real scary! Remind me to call first before showing up at your house after dark!! lol I still get a kick out of you being able to just walk in and buy a gun...up here in Canada we have to take a course, get a licence to purchase, register everything you buy and then can't even carry it around. We both took the course 2 years ago. I beat Big Daddy and got 100% on the written part and on the practical/handling part. Still makes me giggle to tell that. He then bought me a 12 gauge for Xmas. It's beeeautiful!
As for "them" rounding up your guns...where would they start...geez everybody has one in the States. Here, they know exactly what I have and where I live. Oh by the way...these new laws came into play to help reduce gun crime! Now that's funny!!!!
Happy shooting!

The Scavenger said...

Marie, gun sales have been up all over I think. Get'em while ya can, the dark night has plans to make sure that good folks have a very hard time being able to buy them in the future.

Warren, my son-in-law bought a Hi-Point 9mm handgun and he loves it too. Once I seen it I was sure it was a great gun for the money.

Cath, You gotta love a state where the only waiting peroid in the amount of time it takes to get the money out of your pocket. LOL I know Big Daddy will never live that one down.

Thanks for the comments,


CatHerder said...

Guess great minds think alike...i was in line on sunday to pickup my scavenger rifle (just a little baby compared to your guy), but there were over 200 people waiting for their background checks...amazing

The Scavenger said...

catherder, that's pretty cool. The main thing is that you got one. Good for you. Oh and welcome to my rants and ramblings aka my blog. LOL