Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I had a dream


Rant Following that may offend many

OK, You have been warned

I had a dream last night that left me turning in the sheets with sweat pouring from my every pore. We as a country had sunk to the level of electing a President that stood for all the things that I am strongly against. A man (a black one, which doesn't sit well with me in the first place, sorry, I have that right,) that is a member of the Muslim faith (ya know the one that has declared war on America, MY COUNTRY), a man that supports same sex marriage ( I don't go for that one either, sorry), a man that can't and won't prove his citizenship of MY COUNTRY, a man that is against the 2nd amendment (One that I would die for and may have to), a man that has said that he WILL NOT take an oath on the HOLY BIBLE ( the same Bible that has set on my family's table for generations, you know, the one that this country principles we built on) a man that will not pledge allegiance to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the same flag the my grandfather and my father fought for, my grandfather in WWII and my father in Vietnam, as have many of my uncles and cousins).
I don't care if I have to pay taxes, we always have and always will, but some things I just can't go along with. After a restless night, I awoke to realize that it had all came true. Now we must all live the Nightmare that has come to pass

God help us all, and I'm talking about the God of our fathers, the God of Moses, Abraham and Issac, the God who no doubt weeps for this nation today.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm with you.

Get yer head back in the trenches and pay him no mind.

If I see him on tv I'll change the channel. If his picture is in our paper I'll turn the page.

That's all we can do. Hopefully he'll prove us wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Not offended.
Just sorry that you fell prey to many of the half-truths spread by Republicans.

And I'm not a Democrat either :) They're just as full of lies as the others.

And at least he didn't dump his wife after she waited for him as a POW to marry a "trophy wife" beer-heiress. :)

So both sides suck. We need to take back our country. But it starts at the local level, not the presidential level. If you believe that the president is the reason for everything, you must really not like Bush.

Tracy said...

Right on, brother.
I think we are in for some interesting times.

Cath said...

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but doesn't your new President swear on the bible during the inauguration (sp?)? What's he going to do?

Anonymous said...

All we can do is pray.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...
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Anonymous said...

hang in there, there are more us than you think!

Overheard the other day, "Oh, Obama won't take away MY gun(s), I'm voted for him."

I'm sure gun control, means gun control - moron!!

The Scavenger said...

Anonymous #1, thank you, I am dug in and ready for whatever may come my way.

Anonymous #2 First let me say thank you for your comment, I have and never will fall prey to anything that the biased media sends my way and I hope you don't either. They have their own agenda. I am not really a big Mcain fan just against Sammy Obammy and all that he stands for. The Pres. is just a figure head in this country and has little power by the Constitution, but the power of EO's, Executive Order's, that have been give to him scare the hell out of me.

Tracy, thanks brother, glad to know I'm not alone out here.

Cath, Yes they always have in the past but, let's see what he uses, the koran, a statue of a fat guy, not sure. I will not be watching as the nation makes a mockery of our institutuion.

Anonymous #3, I totally agree.

Anonymous #4, Good to know that there are a bunch of good folks that know what I'm talking about. LOL There is know one that will take my guns or anything else for that matter. If they come to me in need and I find them worthy, I will help as far as I can without material injury to myself or my family.

Thank you all for your comments, I had all this inside and just had to let it out. I am a middle class,conservative,christian raised, straight white male with morals. The kind of guy that alot of people hate these days. But that's ok, I have drawn my line in the sand and everyone knows where I stand. I'm not here to please the world, just survive in it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I feel exactly like you do. I couldn't (can't) even watch tv or listen to the radio when he's on. (they keep replaying his acceptance speech, I guess.) I was actually brought to tears 3 times yesterday morning. I truly don't understand what drew people to him. Are our freedoms not sacred to people anymore? Apparantly not. Apparantly they don't realize that our freedoms are now in jeopardy.

2 of my favorite quotes:
A government that is big enough to give you all you want, is big enough to take it all away. Barry Goldwater

They who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin
Gen--IL Homesteader

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Oh Chris, I am so in agreement with you. What a nightmare we are facing now. This is excruciatingly disgusting, a travesty of epic proportions and so morally WRONG on all levels. God I just want to wake up but I can't!!!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Oh Chris, I am so in agreement with you. What a nightmare we are facing now. This is excruciatingly disgusting, a travesty of epic proportions and so morally WRONG on all levels. God I just want to wake up but I can't!!!

Anonymouse #2 said...

Good to hear that you don't trust the media.

I worry mostly right now about possible stupid stuff that people might do which would put us in a situation of civil unrest and the famous COG (continuation of government) laws.

The Scavenger said...

anonymous #2, thank you and I understand your concern. There are a bunch of nuts out there hoping for such a thing. We all need to keep our heads and just be calm, but ready for anything.


Anonymous said...

have you been drinking the karl rove kool aid. obama has been member of church of christ for over 20 yrs.

The Scavenger said...

anonymous, Belive what you want, but I know what I know. Thank you so much for your concern over my FACTS. Please come again.