Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Back, Finally

Sorry, to all, I have been very busy the last few days and have not had time to post. But anyway here are a few pics around the farm.
Birdhouse gourds are doing great now that we have had some rain and warm days and nights.
This is a rustic chair that I was working on late one evening and didn't get finished. Made a good run for the gourds. When people ask what it is I tell them it's one of those composting toliets. When I need to go I just sit on the chair and it feeds the gourd vines. haha I get some funny looks. Some probably think that I really do. If they don't ask I don't tell. he he
Zucinni popping up through the ground.
Miss Daisy taking a closer look.
Katie Bug, Bear and Olivia after a long day on the farm.
Taters are doing well. I have them growing everywhere. In tires, in totes, in the ground, in a pile of old pine needles and what I had left over I just stuck in a few rows of old compost that you see here.
These are the duck eggs that one of our female ducks, Shiver, has been setting on for the last few weeks. Been checking on them daily for any signs of life. Should be soon I think. 14 eggs I think I didn't want to bother them too much.
WOW !!!! Look how big that corn is now. haha!! I got down to ground level for this picture hoping that the corn would look taller. It's about 8 inches now and I hope to plant beans and squash very soon.


hillbilly2be said...

Hey, my friend. I love your rustic chair... ahem, composting toilet. :) I tried to make my sawdust toilet as "normal" as possible, but the rustic look sure does appeal to me. :)

Katie Bug and Olivia are still smiling after the long day - that's when you know you've REALLY achieved success. :)

Great pictures, man. I feel a real kinship to ya. :)


The Scavenger said...

Hey Ron, Thanks, I seen some folks building rustic chairs on tv one night and thought I would give it a try. It was late one evening when I started this little project and didn't get finished, so a few days later I just placed it over the gourd vines and left it, I kinda like it there. It would be cool to make a composting pooper this way. I think the site is that shows ya how to make these cool little chairs. This was my first try and it seems it would be pretty simple. Hope to get a chance to work on more of them to just sit around here and there. Thanks for all you comments buddy.

Your friend