Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brrrrrr.....It's cold in here.

That's a line from one of the cheerleader movies that Savannah watches all the time. I think it's a cheer. Well, either way it fit's, because it's cold in here. Been wet and cold since I got back from the folks house for T-Day. We had a great time, all the family was there. Katie and I took the van to WV on Wednesday and Liv and Savannah brought the car. Liv has a new 2009 HHR that we bought about 2 months ago and she and Ban love it. We took separate vehicles because I just couldn't be away from the animals that long, me and Katie came home on Friday, Liv and Ban on Sunday. Katie travels fine with me in the van though, it's a Dodge Grand Caravan with the DVD player and all the stuff. We stopped on the way there and back and had a picnic in the back of the van, that's the great thing about the van, it has what's called stow and go seating. The two seats in the middle and the bench seat in the back can be stowed / folded down and you never know they were there. Makes it like a cargo van once the seats are down. We sat and had sandwiches and watched one of her movies somewhere just outside of Pikeville Ky. There is a new section of road that just opened and there are a few places that you can pull off the road onto large area's of land that overlook the valleys. We got out and threw rocks and enjoyed the view and had a lot of fun.

Once back at the farm we just knew that Daisy, one of our goats had had her kids while we were gone. Not a chance, she's getting bigger by the day and now has a large milk sack. Still no kids. I have worried myself silly about her birthing and now I have just decided that babies of any kind are like apples....when they get ripe....they'll fall.

I had been working on a new barn for the goats just before we left and hope to pick back up on that project once it warms up a little. Cold, Rain and Arthritis just don't mix I tell ya. In the spirit on being a Homesteader, I have gathered up some shipping pallets and am using them to build the barn. I will try to post some pictures in a day or two. Need a little time to do some cosmetic work first, it's not the prettiest thing you ever saw if ya know what I mean. But it's free, so it's me.

On the subject of being a Homesteader, I am also working on a project to have renewable energy down at the Clubhouse. Yes I still have dreams for the Clubhouse just never enough time to pursue them as I'd like. I'll update on that too as time allows. I have an old electric scooter that the kids have pushed to the side so to speak that has a Permanent Magnet motor in it. This motor, if I can find a way to keep it turning, wind or water mill, will produce DC voltage to charge batteries that can then be used with an inverter to make AC -110 power.
And let's not forget the puppies. We had ( I thought ) decided that we would find a good home for all three of them. Looks like we have......right here.

Rub A Dub Dub, Three Pups In A Tub.

Don't worry pup's, Katie still don't like bath time either. You'll get used to it.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Awww, Daisy wanted to wait for you before having her babies. She probably wanted to make sure you were right there by her side. Sounds like you had a nice trip but if you're like me you're glad to be back home.

Building a new goat barn in the middle of winter huh? Sounds like us building our chicken coop last December. We had plenty of time to get it ready for the chicks' arrival in April, but nooooo! We also used scrap materials to build it and when the materials are on hand you gots to get 'em!

Three soggy doggies...poor souls! How cute.

Anonymous said...

It's cold here too! And we've got the white stuff on the ground! Don't you love car picnics? It's the best way to stay fed (and healthy) on the road. The puppies look adorable! No baby goats yet? Maybe they'll be Christmas presents! Gen--IL Homesteader

Marie said...

It's getting colder here, too, but with no snow to speak of yet, it's hard to believe it's this late in the year already. Your puppies are glad they're staying, I'm sure, even despite the bath... :) Good luck with your goat!!

warren said...

Hey, cool on the clubhouse. I have been pondering a battery chanrging system like you mention. I have considered using 12 volt things as much as possible to forgo the 110 inverter. Did you ever look into 12 v rather than 110 since you are dreaming?

Ron said...

Building with pallets is great, especially when it's done. I'm always looking for new techniques. I think a playhouse/garden shed/summer kitchen is in the works for next year, probably out of pallets.

Those puppies would be hard to give away. :)


The Scavenger said...

Amy, I'm not sure what Dasiy is waiting on. Way past due be my account, but I am wrong again. lol It is good to be back home for sure, no place I'd rather be.

Goat barn in the middle of winter does sound a little crazy. I have just been able to find a good supply of pallets for the project, don't want to fork over any cash if I can get out of it. Plus I need some winter projects to keep me moving in the cold months. If I just sit around my bones start to rust, or that's the way it feels. I've got quite a bit of metal in my body, plates, pins, rods and screws and they get frost on them it seems. Not good for a man as young and good looking as I am. hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! My dad said when I die they are gonna sell me for scrap. lol

Gen, we have had a little snow here, just a ground covering a few times. I love car picnics, even better in the van. I hate fast food, I would rather have a PB&J any day. Throw in a bag of chips or some fruit and I'm ready to roll again. The puppies are too cute but, I'd sure like for someone else to have a puppy for Christmas. Still waiting for goats.

Marie, it's very cold here tonight, around 25 I think right now. I just can't stand this cold, hurts all over.

Warren, I have been reading alot about 12 volt systems and would like to use only that in the Clubhouse. I do have a 140 watt inverter that I can use for other things though. I have a small solar panel from a solar fence charger that I am not going to use anymore, just not sure the output of the panel though. I'm going to take the panel off and see what I can get out of it. My guess is that it's 10 or 15 watts maybe. I think the PM motor from the scooter will be a fun project, I have a pond with an overflow of around 5 gpm all year long, sometimes more than 5. Researching some options there too, I don't think we get enough wind to make it possible.

Ron, first let me say that I stand by my statment that "you are the pallet master". I have trouble getting the boards apart on them. My tools are a big hammer and a chainsaw. With tools like that something's gonna happen. Garden shed and summer kitchen are great ideas, I know you mentioned them before on your blog. A summer kitchen would be very useful to me.

Thanks to all for your comments, love to hear from ya.

The Scavenger said...

Marie, make that 18 out there, Brrr!!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Hmmm, sell you for scrap huh? You don't have any copper in you, do ya? *shifty eyes*

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Are you going to milk your goats or are they just for meat? Or pets, if meat is a bad subject around the girls.

Hope it warms up for ya!

The Scavenger said...

Amy, easy now, calm down, no copper. LOL Then I would really be worth more dead than alive.

MOH, Milk and pets, not planning on eating any, but ya never what lies ahead. I do understand that that's what goats are for, we'er just kinda tender ya might say. lol

Thanks Chris