Monday, December 15, 2008

New Years Declarations !!

I have decided that this year there will be no New years resolutions, there will be declarations instead. Resolutions are too easy to wiggle out of if you ask me. My list will be Declarations. I declare I will do these things, or die trying. My list is complicated and my goals are high but this is a time in my life that I need to demand more of myself, as we all should. Let's get serious about what changes need to be made and tackle them head on with a vengeance. Here is a list of my Declarations.

  1. I DECLARE, I will stop smoking these cigarettes. Marlboro has shortened my life and emptied my pockets long enough.
  2. I DECLARE, I will stop my addiction to diet coke, 20 a day is just a little out of hand.
  3. I DECLARE, I will make better use of the things available to me, my garden and my livestock, my land and my water source.
  4. I DECLARE, I will produce electricity in a usable amount, be it solar, wind or micro hydro power. I will begin my energy independence this coming year.
  5. I DECLARE, I will learn new skills to help improve our way of life. Soap making, Cheese making and Blacksmithing are among them.
  6. I DECLARE, I will be a better brother, son, father, husband and friend to those I love.
  7. I DECLARE, I will continue to gather and store food and other perps necessary to protect my family.
  8. I DECLARE, I will make better use of my finances. I have never seen a well that won't run dry.
  9. I DECLARE, I will take better care of the things that have been given me. My cars, animals, tools, property and my life to name a few.
  10. I DECLARE, I will take time to smell the roses. Time management will be a top priority.

I will be posting on the success of these Declarations in the near future and will be honest with you and myself as to the outcome. I encourage my readers to call me out on these Declarations. If I haven't mentioned them in some time, ask why! Don't let me forget that I made these DECLARATIONS right here for the whole world to see and hear and that I am obligated to fulfill them.

I am interested to know your plans for the New Year. Are you making resolutions or DECLARATIONS ??


Anonymous said...

I hope the 20 cans of pop a day was a joke! :-) I stopped making resolutions years ago. I like the sound of Declarations better! (reminds me of the paper that started our freedom!) Maybe I'll rethink things this New Year! BTW, It appears to me that you use your resources pretty well. I guess we all have room for improvement, though, eh? Gen--IL Homesteader

Joanna said...

On Dud, you see a regular dog alter, Dud is quite rowdy and difficult to catch. If you take a step towards him, he bolts. Unlike Nougat, he'll stand to let me grab him by the collar.
scroll down to: WOOD STANCHIONS
I bought my three does from Dianne at DoubleDurango and she also makes the Wood Stanchions/Milking Stands so I bought one when we were picking up the girls. The milking stand also comes in handy such as trimming the hooves.

I have the short Nigerians and I'm old and out of shape so getting the goats on the stand is helpful. :-)

Add that to your I DECLARE list - to construct a milking stand, out of pallets.

warren said...

That's a tough list but a VERY good one! Good effort brother (not luck, it won't be luck)!

I think I will make some declarations but I haven't thought sufficiently about that yet...I like declarations better than resolutions though. Well done!

Marie said...

You are way ahead of me--I haven't thought about the new year yet, but I like your declarations--I wish you the best with them because some of those look pretty tough. Wow..blacksmithing!! I have found that my blog helps me to motivate me to accomplish things, because then I've told other people about them...funny how that works,huh? Good post.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great list! I am a Dr. Pepper addict and I think cutting back to 1 can a day or none at all will be on my list.

The Scavenger said...

Gen, I am ashamed to say that it's not a joke. Drink 'em fast as I can open 'em. I think it's replaced my beer habit, I haven't had a beer since July 12, 2003 and I'm still hanging onto the wagon with both hands. lol Declarations just sounds more serious to me and I am serious about my list. Need to improve many things in my life.

Joanna, Ok, I just thought that may be a chalk strap to tell when does are bred. Thanks for the link, that place is great. New Declaration- Build a milk stand with pallets. Thanks for the inspiration.

Warren, thanks man. I feel making these Declarations on my blog will make me put forth more effort. We all need to take time to look around and see where we can improve our lives.

Marie, it's a tough list for sure but I have to start somewhere. I want to get the hardest things done first and out of my way and out of my life, smoking and drinking soda. I have been gathering up some stuff to make my own blacksmith forge, you can find a lable about it more on the blog. A very useful skill that will provide me some goods and a good barter skill too.

Shiloh, He's a pepper, she's a pepper but I don't want to be a pepper too. lol I really do drink that much or more each day. I will cut way back at first and then I hope to stop period.

Thank you all for your comments and I encourage you all to call me out. Don't let me dodge the bullet on these, make me accountable for my statements. I hate it when my mouth makes promises my butt don't want to back up.


jne0493 said...

Your new picture almost makes me cry... At first, I thought it was a Thomas Kinkade painting or such, then I thought...wait... that looks sooo peaceful, yet familiar, then the flood of memories started... standing in front of those big ol fire places, with my legs straight so as not to be touching any of the jean material (easy with my brothers and em down rough riders 2 sizes too big), then having dad sneak up and pull them pant legs back tighter than all get out, almost singeing the hairs off my legs...

Just yesterday, Me, Kelly and Madisyn were talking about making popcorn balls this Christmas to take to the neighbors; and it reminded me of that very picture, in that big ole 'smells like home' all the time kitchen, making popcorn balls with molassas...

I too was thinking about kicking the aspartame habit... perhaps then I'd have some energy to keep up with my overpaced life...

Take care cuz, and I always enjoy reading your blogs...


riverwalker said...

Sounds like some very ambitious goals you have set for yourself. Best wishes on reaching them!


The Scavenger said...

jne0493 to other but Dearest Cousin to me, Jeff, thanks for that buddy. That picture nearly brings me to tears too. Miss all the good times and memories there and I know you do too. We had some wonderful times in and around that old house. Glad you were able to see them once again, I know you feel the same way about Big Mawmaw as I do.

Riverwalker, those are gonna be some tuff ones for sure but I am commited.

Thanks for the comments.


kymber said...

hey buddy...those declarations are awesome! and i am glad that you have posted them for all to see...we WILL call you out on them in the upcoming months (don't worry - we'll be gentle!).
but thanks for this post as i think changing the word to declaration is way less wishy-washy! you have inspired me to do the same!

(and need some background here...hope i don't bore you to death but there is a point. i served 10 years in the Canadian Forces in a job that did 3 shifts 24-7....we drank bucketloads of coffee. during my last year in the forces i drank 3 pots (14 cups) of coffee on a midnight shift (11pm-6am). i left the forces and took a cushy government job for the last 10 years. and drank at least one pot of coffee a day...but most days i drank 2 pots. 6 months ago i decided to try and stop drinking coffee. so i got up the next morning and didnt have my coffee. or any throughout the day. i kept that up for 6 days. on the 7th day i though i would give myself a i had a coffee. at first...the coffee tasted so delicious and i was giggling like a child. i was woozy and high on coffee - woohoo! once i had finished the coffee though....the sweats and chills and the nauseous feeling in my stomach started. i spent the rest of the day laying in my bed moaning and feeling like i was going through heroin withdrawal. in fact - i actually wished i was going through heroin withdrawal as it would have definitely been easier. the next day i felt better and stayed away from coffee for another 2 weeks. and then decided to reward myself again. i was 10 times sicker this time. and thats when i learned my lesson. i am never drinking coffee again. i cant believe i drank sooo much of it for sooo long. so please understand that it will not be easy to get off the soda...but you can do it. and the minute you can do the can do the cigs.)

all the best to you scavenger....and please keep up these interesting and inspiring posts!

your friend kymber

The Scavenger said...

kymber, what a story ! Thanks for sharing your experence. I hope this time next year I can say for sure that I have kicked another habit. Coffee was pretty easy, one morning it just didn't taste good anymore, I couldn't drink the rest of the cup. Congrats on kicking the coffee, I know it's hard to stop.

Thanks for the comment


Anonymous said...

Wow! Well, keep hanging on to the wagon, but you'll probably feel better if you let go of a few pops. YOU CAN DO IT! We all have lots of things that could be improved in our lives. You've been bold enough to tell everyone! Good luck! Gen--IL Homesteader

Cath said...

Hey Chris
There's something about seeing your goals down on paper. You'll do it, no problems. Here to cheer yah on!!!

The Scavenger said...

Gen, it's been a pretty rough ride on that wagon too let me tell ya. If / when I get down to 2 or 3 pops a day I will be much better off. Drinking one now. hehe!!

Cath, I wanted to put these Declarations out here where I know people can see and see my progress. And make me accountable.

Thanks for all the comments,


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Hope you don't mind, I was inspired by your New Year's "Declarations" so I mentioned them on my blog today. I am thinking of my own "declarations" for the New Year too!