Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frugal Food Storage

I can't stress enough how important it is to have food storage for you and your family. In this day and time it is essential to put away some extra food for hard times that may or may not be ahead. I have read and learned much about this subject over the past few years and have added to my storage due to the lessons learned. One of my favorite sites is by Marie and I highly recommend you to read and learn from her blog and any others that you may find on food storage. Marie is always happy to answer questions from her readers as are most all bloggers.

First let me say that you don't have to spend a fortune to have food storage. No need to let the mortgage slide or the utilities go unpaid to start this endeavor. The first thing I would recommend is to check your local sales paper. Ours came in the mail today and there are a lot of good bargains to be had by someone interested in keeping their family feed. Here is just an example of what I see in this sales paper. These are just the items that require no special needs for storage, they can be just set in your pantry or a shelf.

Hormel Chilli w/Beans 16oz - $1

Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce 160z - $1

Hunt's Diced Tomatoes 14.5oz - $1

Hunts Tomato paste or sauce 15oz -$1

Store Brand pasta Sauce 26oz $1

Creamette Dry Pasta 16oz -$1

Kraft Easy Mac Cups 2.05oz -$1

Pasta Roni 7.25oz -$1

Rice A Roni 3.8oz -$1

Store Brand Canned Vegetables 11-15.25oz 2 for $1

I am in no way recommending these brands, just posting what I see here in the paper. I hope this will give you an idea of how simple and inexpensive it is and can be to begin your food storage. Do some research as to how much you need and then look at the sales papers in your area. These items are all $1 or less, from only one sales store sales paper and can be simply stored on a shelf with no extra effort on your part. There are many items that are available for $1 or less, just take a look around and see for yourself. Good Luck and please start today.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

I'm a big fan of sales flyers. I keep a few shelves in our laundry room stocked with canned items that I buy on sale. It's rare for me to buy anything that's not on sale! I keep the essentials on hand for cooking and try to buy in bulk when the store puts them on sale. It's great having things on hand when you need them!

The Scavenger said...

Amy, me too. We stock up when things go on sale as you say it's nice to have stuff on hand and even better when you got it on sale. I try to keep a pantry full and then some. I hate to run out and have to pay full price. That's the eleventh commandment "Thou shall not pay retail"

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

"Thou shall not pay retail"

Ooooo! I like it!

Marie said...

Thanks for the link--there really are a lot of good blogs out there with all kinds of info about food storage, and like you, I hope everyone will start/continue storing food and information today. Those are some pretty good sale prices you have listed--what I have found sometimes is that the unadvertised specials are even better than the advertised ones, so when I go to get sales items, I look around a little bit. Of course, that sometimes can be scary if everything else is retail price...we don't like that around our house either. :)

Anonymous said...

Good advice! Hey, how about some pictures of your filled up pantry after all the work you've been doing? (home canned and store bought) I love pantry pics! Gen--IL Homesteader

Anonymous said...

BTW, do you know what happened to Ron? His blog is gone! Gen--IL Homesteader

Cath said...

Hiya Chris!
I started stocking like a madwoman back in Feb when a certain blog we both read, scared me into action. Not a good way to stock up, believe me! I bought a lot of "wrong" items because I was scared. My advice for anyone starting is to just take a deep breath and look at things very critically. Do I actually need 1000 rolls of TP? Well yes you do! lol You'll also have to get used to people staring at your cart and having family snort and chuckle when they see your stash.
Here's a question for yah Chris: when do we start telling people we know that they should prepare too? I think it might be time to "come out" and tell people than I'm a closet "prepper". You might be my only friend left by the end of the week!!! lol
Now get off the computer and go buy some chili!

The Scavenger said...

Marie, I belive that many people have began to get ready for something that they know we can not control. I just hope we can encourage more to be ready.

Gen, I'll try to get some pantry pics soon, the house is tore all to hell right now. lol Nothing like the holidays to wreck a house.

Not sure what Ron's up to. I miss reading over there. I have read and heard of some blogs being taken down due to some old friends (some that may not be welcome) start showing up around the place. I don't know that that is the case there but it does happen. Hope all is well with Ron and the family and they check in soon.

Cath, I love you crazy canadians, I can just see your cart full of TP now. lol I think the time is now. If you have friends and family that have no food storage it's your obligation to tell them I think. Having extra of anything is only wise. Sickness or layoffs could put many familys at the end of their rope. If they have prepared for the worst, even during the good times, they will be much better off. It could help tide you over until things get better. Again, come out of the closet now. hehehe!!! That sounds so funny. Coming out of the closet.

Thanks for the comments, good to hear from ya all.


BTW, watch for my soap making post for cheaters..... lol

warren said...

We esp stock up on the stuff that the kids eat. We have 20 or so boxes of mac and cheese and the same of spaghetti-o-s. I don't think we can keep up with them though! Still, your advice is good!

The Scavenger said...

Warren, we go through mac and cheese like crazy man, me and the kids could live on that stuff. Might have to look into some shopping containers full. lol

Thanks man,

Rebecca said...

Great post! You might want to also check out www.shelfreliance.com if you are interested in getting some long term food storage that tastes great and can be easily rotated and used in your regular meals! If you use code save15 you can save 15% at checkout!

The Scavenger said...

Rebecca, thanks for the link and the code. Gonna get over there and check them out. Thanks again.