Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's the little things

It's the little things around here that seem to bring a smile to my face. Yesterday I was wondering around the place and found a box that our Muscovy ducks have been laying eggs in. I have several wooden boxes around the place so you just never know where you may or may not find an egg. Eggs have been in short supply for a while. I think, like chickens, ducks butts must freeze shut. hehe!! In this box I found 4 eggs. Well I wasn't sure how long they had been there so what should I do? I decided to mark the eggs with a marker so I will know they are the ones that have been there and if a new egg is laid I will be able to tell. The ducks of course came running when they saw me around this box so I made sure to feed them well in this spot. Thinking this would keep them close to the area, I also filled the box with straw and replaced the eggs where I found them. This morning, a new egg. I was so happy to find that egg, it was like an early Christmas gift from the Duck Gods. Long story short, by marking the eggs I was able to get an egg that I knew was fresh.


kymber said...

that certainly IS an early xmas gift...how blessed are you, my friend?

(p.s. - i really enjoy your blog...please keep up the great work you are doing here!)

your friend, kymber

The Scavenger said...

Kymber, it was a real suprise to find that egg this morning, a good one. Thank you and I'm glad you get something out of this maddness that is my live. Thanks for being a friend, never have enough of 'em


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Wait a minute! You're getting duck eggs...NOW???

Well it certainly is a lovely egg. Must be a JUMBO too. Whatcha gonna make with it?

The Scavenger said...

Amy, I couldn't hardly belive it either. It's gone now, scrambeled it this morning and made a duck egg sandwhich...mmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Ahha! I was wondering why you were marking them...Thought you were gonna let the ducks set on them. (Or has that been bred out of ducks like it has out of chickens?) Yummmm! love an egg sandwich (especially with cheese and sliced turkey on a homemade english muffin! Oops...I'm drooling!) Gen--IL Homesteader

The Scavenger said...

Gen, that was the only way I knew to find out if I had a fresh egg. It worked too, got another one this morning. Our duck laid,set and hatched 14 eggs this spring.