Monday, August 4, 2008

Clubhouse Pictures and ONE SEXY LADY

I made a LOT of progress on the Clubhouse today. Picked up a rug at Lowes for the floor and Olivia gave me an area rug that she wasn't using anymore. I decided to just use 2 flat sheets to cover the back wall area instead of building one of wood. A lot easier and cheaper plus I can move to the other side very easily. The sheets will help to keep the heat in place and it just don't look too bad either. It's fine with me anyway. All other items are just extra stuff we had around the house. You can see the bed, a rollaway, that we have had in storage, with a new sheet set that Liv picked up for me today. My old stereo serves as a makeshift headboard. I put my wooden boat along with my very old cub scout neck scarf (can't remember what it's called).The quilt also came from the house, we have tons of them. Olivia said this one would look best, all I know is it's the warmest one in the house.
Glider rocker along with glider footstool will be a great place to relax until I can sneek one of the recliners out of the house. Also had an old cabniet in storage that made a good book shelf and storage area.
Didn't get a chance to go over and pick up the wood stove today, I guess you can see why, I will try again tommorrow to pick it up. It will be set in this corner. The shelf holds a few of my old Masonic bottles I have collected over the years.
Another book shelf from the house and a man has to have a place to hang his hat.
The old blue tote will be like a footlocker, full of supplies. I will post pictures of the lighting system that I am using tommorrow. Spent a little time this evening reading "A Place in the Woods". A great book that I have read several times before. As promised "ONE SEXY LADY" Olivia on the mower, nothing sexier than a woman mowing grass, unless it's a woman with a weedeater. hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More "Notes from the Clubhouse" later. Stay tuned, don't touch that mouse...........


Woody said...

Chris, are you planning on moving out of the house soon?

Anonymous said...

Wow! You can, bake bread, and now we see you can decorate!! The clubhouse looks FABULOUS!!!! Can't wait to see the sweet woodstove in there! Gen--IL Homesteader

Rook said...

Chris, the scarf is from the weblows. All the pic's are great. Now you will have a place to crash when the miss' is having a bad day.


Nita said...

I had the same question as Woody, that's some doghouse!

Great pics - I didn't see the canner in there anywhere. hehe

Cath said...

Ummmm of your sexy wife mowing the lawn while you were's a slippery slope my friend...a slippery slope! hahahaha
Oh btw: Big Daddy says nothing sexier than if she was mowing the lawn AND delivering pizza with beer right over to the Man Clubhouse! Amen brother! lol

The Scavenger said...

Woody, I'm not planning on moving out but, I have had people plan it for me before. lol

Anonymous, Thanks, goning to go get the wood stove today.

Rook, thanks, Webelows in correct. I just forgot, been a while. Honey has a lot of bad days. haha!!

Nita, thanks, I tend to spend a lot of time in the dog house, at least it's a pretty nice one.

Cath, Olivia done most of the decorating so don't think my wrist is limp. haha!! I worked in the furniture biz for 15 years and I had to learn some of that too, to keep the women folk happy. Beer and Pizza delivery on a riding mower, now that's a GREAT idea. Gonna to talk to Liv about that. Not sure she's gonna go for it though.

Thanks to all,


Wretha said...

Very nice! I wish MY house looked that good! It's amazing what a bit of paint and some extras can do to spruce things up... :)


Ron said...

Hahahaaha... Chris, you crack me up. Man, you have created the ULTIMATE clubhouse. Really looks nice, man.

Can I come over? If I bring a 12-pack and deck of cards? :)


Marie said...

That is a nice setup! Your wife did a good job decorating--it looks like it could be a den or office inside the house, not just a clubhouse. With a woodstove, you won't be able to improve it much more...looks like fun!

The Scavenger said...

Wretha, thanks, that is really all it is, just paint and extras. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Ron, you bring the beer, I got the cards. Thanks, I guess you can see that your "Cave" post gave me some ideas.

Marie, I guess it is more like a den, I had a real nice one in the house until the girls took over. haha!! I guess that's just the way it goes. I am happy with MY little space, just love to spend more time there. Gonna be great this winter with fire going and maybe a pot of pinto beans cooking on top of the stove.

Thanks Guys and Gals,