Monday, August 11, 2008

Friends from WV Visit the Farm

First of all let me update everyone on the Clubhouse overnight. After I got Katie bathed and to sleep it was near 11 pm so I drifted down to the Clubhouse to try to relax and enjoy the rest of the night. Our dog, Bear, had to be in there with me, he just couldn't stand it. So, Bear and I settled in for the night after turning on the solar lanterns to see just how good they were gonna work for us. The result was great, the box said 2 hours of light with a full days sun to charge the batteries, we had the lights on for 3 hours when we turned them out and they were going strong. So they are gonna be a really good addition to the Clubhouse.

We were very happy to have our good friends Ozzy and Shenna come to visit this weekend. They are friends from West Virginia and it is always good to see them and spend time with them. They have on daughter, Shelly, that is the same age as Savannah and one that is the same age as Katie, Jaeden. All the girls loaded up and took off to Lexington on Saturday leaving me and Ozzy on our own. They were gone pretty much all day and half the night on their shopping trip. Katie and Jaeden found tricycles that they just had to have, or so the story goes, they rode all over the house that night and the next day. Katie had to make her funny face for the picture, that girl is really some character.

Once the girls were on their way Ozzy and I thought about what we may do for the day to entertain ourselves. We both enjoy canning and talked about the canned peppers that we both love. "How many peppers do you think you have" ask Ozzy. "Maybe 15 or 20, why?" Then Ozzy said "let's go to the market and get some more and can them". So we were off, we found a box of about 35 mild bannana peppers, picked up a bottle of ketchup and headed back home to get started. First we canned a few qts. with viniger and a little sugar. Then on to the good stuff.

About 50 peppers (cut into rings)

1 qt of canned tomatoes

1 very large onion

1 bottle of ketchup

2 cups of sugar

2 cups of viniger

1 cup of veg. oil

about 6 to 8 little smokie wenniers per qt. (optional) We wanted them but forgot to pick them up in town so we just left them out.

Cook all ingredients for about 30 mins. slow boil. Makes 6 - 7 qts. Add hot product to hot jars and seal.

Ok, here's the funny part. While we were at the market to get peppers, Olivia's Uncle Howard called to say that he had a bunch of HOT peppers to give me, just call when I get back home. Well I didn't check my messages until we had got the first batch done. I called and he brought down the HOT peppers and we made another batch of VERY HOT canned peppers. These are great with pinto beans, fried potatoes or chilli. You just gotta try them. We made about 16 qts in all, gave my buddy Ozzy half and I kept half for the pantry.

While Howard was at the house he ask if I'd like to make some peach jam. I'm sure you know the answer to that. He has a peach tree that is loaded with wonderful peaches. He ask if I would can them for half. He brought down some half pint jars and lids and I told him I would pick them on Sunday. Well I have all this stuff out, why not make strawberry/blackberry jam too. I had some in the freezer waiting to make jam with them. I jammed 13 half pints and 2 pints of peach jam and 10 half pints of strawberry/blackberry jam this evening. Been a pretty busy few days here.

There has been more than a hint of Fall in the air here in KY, nights down in the 50's. Well I guess the fall crops will be enjoying the cool weather.


Marie said...

All your canning looks great! If the temperatures are going down at night, I hope that it is also a little cooler while all that canning is going on. I bet the peaches will be great. We froze some of our raspberries the other day--once they decided to ripen, it seems like we can't pick them fast enough. Since they are our first things grown (besides a handful of strawberries) to ripen, they are getting a lot of attention. Just hoping our other produce comes out as well as yours has!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....So that's what guys really do when they get togeter----CAN!!!??? Wow! Who knew! :-)

Your pantry must be ready to burst. Like I told Ron, you'll have to post a pantry picture when all is said and done in fall. I love pantry pics! Gen--IL Homesteader

Nita said...

That is some canning marathon! A guy friend of ours who does all the canning in his family (is there a theme here?)uses a camp chef, two burner stove outside. His wife doesn't want him to mess up the kitchen. hehe

Those peppers and that jam look fabulous!

Ron said...

That clubhouse experience sounds like a lot of fun, dude. Nice to have a place to retreat to when the little ones take over the house. :)

Yes! The recipe! I think I'm gonna try that with the next batch of peppers that are on their way. I might try a few changes... maybe omit the oil...? Now I see what you mean about the little smokies... I thought you stuffed them individually into the peppers. :) I might try hunks of ham as a substitute. Too bad my homegrown ham ain't ready yet. :)

Things have cooled off around here too, although not that cool! I'm happy about the 70 degree nights.

Off to can pumpkins. :)

Take care,

The Scavenger said...

Marie, I love raspberries and I'm gonna have to try to find some at the farmers market. Wish we had some growing here but, maybe next year. Thanks for your comments, I always look forward to them.

Gen, Who would have know that we just throw those empty beer cans around just to fool ya. haha!! Both me and Ozzy have fond memories of our grandparents canning and I guess we are just carrying on the family tradition.

Nita, I think guys are just better at canning. (Wait, I'm trying to get my foot out of my mouth). hehe!! I just really enjoy being able to see the end product of all my hard work in the garden. The peppers are GREAT !!!

Ron, I'm not sure why we use oil in the first place. I better ask Ozzy about that, probably just the way he was taught too. Ham would be really good in them. I'm gonna put hotdog wienners in the next batch, and there will be a next batch for sure. I can't seem to quit eating those things man.

Thanks to all. Keep on canning