Friday, August 15, 2008

Daddy's got a brand new toy!!

Woo-Hoo, I got a new toy the other day and I have been like a little boy. This new Stihl 310 has been needed for quite a while, the little saw I have been using just didn't cut it. ( Pun intended ) I think it was Tuesday that I got the new saw (winter survival tool) and I put it right to work cutting 2 trailer loads that day. You can see one of the loads in the back to the left the other is from a month or so ago. Man it sure makes life a lot better having a good saw to cut firewood. I have been getting my wood from my buddy's farm. CH has been letting me cut wood that he has been clearing for pasture for the cows. I got a load of hickory yesterday. I have read that the oldtimers always like to burn hickory over any other wood. When hickory was scarce they would keep enough to use a log as the back log in their fireplace. Hickory burns really hot and really long. I am happy to have a good load of hickory to use in the buckstove this winter. The cost of the saw ( around $400 ) will be recovered in about 2 to 3 months of electrict bills this winter. I can't say enough good things about this saw, my old saw was a joke compared to this thing. My trailer is 14 x 5, so this is a pretty good load of firewood.
In the last few days I have been trying to find time to dry some green beans, we call them shuck beans around here. Once they dry real good they will last a long time if kept dry. I simply strung these on a piece of fishing line with a needle and used a small stick at the bottom to keep the beans from falling off the end. These will be ready in a few weeks. You just fix them like you would fix green beans. These are hanging in the clubhouse.


Ron said...

That's great that you got a good saw! I've been very happy with my Husqavarna 350 too, makes cutting wood a pleasure.

We just love heating with wood. There's nothing better on a winter day than to work on a puzzle in front of the woodstove! Plus the savings.

I've never [intentionally] dried green beans... but Mel's grandma talked about it once. Thanks for the idea. We might have to try that. :)


Marie said...

You have to love another method of food preservation--I have never heard of doing shuck beans, but it looks like something to try. Thanks for including it.
Wow! What a haul all that wood is! We have been saving up for a few years now to get a woodstove installed, and someone came this week to take measurements. We need to get a competing bid, but we're sure hoping that we can get one in before it gets cold around here. Not much hickory around here, that I know of--but I'll keep my eyes open for it now. :)
One question--in our last house, we had a woodstove, and we gave away our woodpile to someone who needed it because we didn't need it here. Problem was, when they went to pick it up, apparently there was a wasp problem. Have you had any problems with such pests in your woodpile, and if so, what did you do to minimize the problem?
Have fun cutting wood while the sun shines! (Shouldn't be too hard with that shiny new saw... :)

The Scavenger said...

Ron, I love the new saw, makes my job a lot eaiser. We love our Buckstove, it has a glass door and is wonderful to sit and watch the fire on those cold winter nights. The dried beans (shuck beans ) are great, we have ate them for years at Liv's grandmothers.

Marie, shuck beans are easy to do, just string them up in a dry area and wait. That's about it. They are really good, if you like green beans you will love these too.
Hope you get your woodstove soon, they are a great source of heat anytime. You want to make sure that the one you get has a blower to move the hot air out and into your room. We use a shower curtian rod in the hallway with a window fan hanging from it to move the air down the hall to the bedrooms. It really works good. It is hung close to the ceiling so it's out of the way.
Never had a wasp problem that I can remember but you can just use a spray on them. Lovin the new saw, cut a load today.

Thanks to all,