Monday, August 18, 2008

More Preps from the Flea Market

Sunday morning came as it always has, with sleepy eyes and hunger stomachs. After breakfast the girls mentioned going to the flea market and ask if I would like to go. They know that this is about the only place that I will go so it was a pretty sure bet. Once there we went our seperate ways, they like the inside of the market where all the new stuff is and I much prefer the outside vendors with all the good junk. When we reach the van they were all sporting new designer purses with pride, but nothing could match the smile on my face as I carried the boxes toward the van.

One of the goodies that I found was this canner/stock pot. It is in pretty good shape for it's age I guess. I know it's an old one because someone went to the trouble of fixing a leak. Most people today would have just thrown this thing out and went straight to Wally World to pick up one made in China. I paid $2 bucks for it. A simple fix with a screw and rubber gasket.
Also in my arms was this old school food processor with 3 blades. Another great off-grid item. No electricty required, just elbow grease. $8 bucks was a little high I thought but then again I'm pretty cheap.
Katie learning the age old art of food preparation and preseveration.

And the BEST for last. 26 canning jars in all, all pints or half pints. I also got a perfect mason pint jar which I haven't seen for a while. There was one cute little half pint that Olivia claimed for her own. I paid $4 bucks for these jars or about 15 cents a piece. Not bad for a days Scavenge. haha!!


Ron said...

Nice scavenge! It sure is nice to give new life to something old, isn't it? And for $2!

Katie looks likes she's ready to go off-grid. Survival can be fun!

Good deal on the canning jars. I wish we could have found more of ours used. Either way though, it's handy to have an abundance of them.


Anonymous said...

You got a TOTALLY good deal on that slicer. Lehman's sells those for around $180.

Marie said...

That looks like a lot of empty jars right now, but if the past is any indication, you'll be out of empty jars sooner than later... :)
I need to find out if there are any deals like that around here. You certainly know how to find a good deal on a lot of different things!

The Scavenger said...

Ron, I love to find old stuff to bring back to life. Katie is an off-gridder for sure. That was a good deal on the jars for sure, I never seem to have enough.

Anonymous, I just looked at the Lehman's site and seen the one you were talking about. I guess I did get a GREAT deal. Thanks.

Marie, you are right for sure, jars are in big demand around this house. Be sure to check flea markets and craigslist in your area for great deals on all kinds of stuff. Most of what I buy is cheap and useful to me.

Thanks for all you comments.


Anonymous said...

Wow! More great deals! I'm amazed that someone figured out how to fix that canner! Isn't that great?! I was also gonna mention that you got a great deal on the shredder! Don't lament the $8 that will be much better used if/when the SHTF! Gen--IL Homesteader