Friday, August 1, 2008

Cleaning out

I used to go to auctions and buy big loads of stuff to resale at the local flea market. That took up all of my Sat. and Sundays and I just can't afford the time any longer, so it's time to get rid of all the stuff that has been stored in my storage building since last fall. I hauled 2 van loads to Goodwill today and I mean BIG LOADS. Boy it sure feels good to get rid of that stuff. I have a 12 by 24 insulated building that is made of metal with 2inch insulation and I have a better plan for it than just holding worthless junk. MAN CAVE !! I need a place to get away from all the noise and clutter around here. Oliva is the kind of woman that likes to move furniture around, not just in the room but all over the house. She will move one bedroom into the next and so on, it just kills me. I like for everything to have a place and be in it's place forever. I hate change. My plan is to make me a room ( Hideout ) down in the building, a little paint and a door with windows will make things just right for me. I have bought a small wood stove to go in the "Cave", I will have a desk, all my books and magazines and a good chair to relax. I will mostly be using the "Cave late at night after the kids have gone to bed, Katie would never stand for daddy being out of her sight while she's awake. I also plan to have a renewable energy system, micro hydro from my pond overflow. I will post more infomation and pictures as they become available. I hope to spend most of the weekend working on clean up though. This could also serve as a great place when the grid is down, we would have the stove for heat and cooking and have power too. Will probably have a bed of some sort just in case I like it better that I think. haha!!


Marie said...

That sounds like quite the project, but it would be fun to have the finished project--especially cool with the renewable energy system!

Cath said...

Can't wait for pictures of your MAN CAVE! hehe I made sure Big Daddy had a cave in the house when we moved here...made him nice and he didn't get any bright ideas to leave us totally alone. Same things: big ole desk with a comfy chair, nice lounger to read in surrounded by all of his books and a tv for sports. I've only been married for 8 years but I do know this: when Daddy's happy - life is gooooood! Enough said...going back to my WOMAN CAVE now - it's called the kitchen! lol

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh! Did Ron start a trend here? Man caves??? Cave/Emergency dwelling--that's pretty cool!

Well, I guess my hubby has a cave of sorts--actually he calls it the doghouse (he likes the MSU bulldogs!). That's where his pool table is. When I can find him inside or out on the land, I can find him in the doghouse! :-) Gen--IL Homesteader

Nita said...

Out here in the West we call that the HEADQUARTERS. I'm scared to go in I tell ya - I sneak in a grab something and then run...

The Scavenger said...

Marie, it's not gonna be too big a job, just the clean up.

Cath, Pictures coming tommorrow. Been working some today, paint and cleaning. Big Daddy sounds like he has a great place. No tv for me though, have 3 of them in the house that go all the time. I'm burnt out on it.

Gen, I plan to hold Ron totally responsible for this. haha!! I don't need a dog house, I stay in one all the time. lol

Nita, Headquarters is a great name, I'm afraid it may lead some of my readers to think that I am in charge though. I live with 3 girls and belive me I'm NEVER in charge.

Thanks to all for the comments,