Saturday, August 2, 2008


Made some progress on the cave today. I might have to change the name to the Club house. I am just a boy at heart and at mind most times too, I feel like I'm about 10 years old when I am working on it. Now just need a sign that says " NO GIRLS ALLOWED " haha!! I can hide all my Playboy's in there too. LOL Took another load to Goodwill today and I think that is the last of it or I hope it is anyway. Moved enough stuff out and to the side to paint one side wall and half of the celing. Using white paint to give more light in the Club House, that way I will probably need just one light. Gonna put down a rug and put in the stove hopefully on Monday. I'm only gonna get half the building, I have to keep the other 12 by 12 area for storage for things we "have" to keep. I will put up a wall seperating the building into two halves, one for storage and one for the Club House. Still need to change the door, I have one that has windows all in it that will replace the all metal one on there now.


Nita said...

Did you mean you took another load of Playboys to the Goodwill? ;)

We LET him call it the HQ, so he thinks he's in charge, he knows better.

Are you going to can in the Club Cave or is this just for guy stuff?

It sounds like it is going to be nice and cozy and useful too!

Rook said...

Post some pic's of this Guy's only club house. I would love to see it. We can be water buffalo from the flintstones...

Working on the moat...


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll show us some pictures of it soon. :o)

Ford Family said...

I've just read every post you have made after finding this blog this morning. Thanks great ideas and i really like the site. I'll be checking daily like i do on hillbilly2be's

The Scavenger said...

Nita, Playboys stay here. lol I'm gonna have a wood stove that I may be able to can on. It's gonna be great.

Rook, Pictures coming tonight. Thanks Water buffalo brother.

Anonymous, Pics tonight.

Ford Family, Thanks man, glad you enjoy my crazy stuff. Checked you out and you have not posted in a looong while. Give us an update, ok.

Thanks to all, Pics tonight I promise.