Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lessons Learned

I have made so many mistakes in my life, more than these readers will ever know. On the bright side though, I have learned from many of them and here is a list of just a few.

1. Never trust a guy that has on two different shoes. (Yep, done that)
2. Snakes really will bite you.
3. You don't have enough gas to make it to the station on the other side of town where the gas is 2 cents cheaper.
4. Never sell a truck that you like.
5. When building anything buy twice as much as you think you need then you will at least have half enough to get the job done.
6. Big tires cost you a lot more in gas but, they are still cool !!
7. Don't shuck corn inside the house.
8. The garden will do best when you just leave it alone.
9. When you are wating for something important in the mail it will run very late that day.
10. No matter how hard you work there's still more to be done.


Cath said...

Amen brother!!
...and never sell a piece of land that you like either! They're not making any more.
Two different really? You've worn two different the same time? Now that's funny!

The Scavenger said...

Cath, not me, a guy I bought a truck from long ago. Double Amen on the land!!!

Anonymous said...

Good list! Gen--IL Homesteader

Marie said...

As an alteration for me on #5, when trying something new, I sometimes need to allot about twice the time to finish a project than what I originally expect it to take. Enjoyed your list--some of it made me laugh, but then I wasn't picking corn silk out of the carpet at the time... :)

Nita said...

Did you steal my list? Good list, although the shoe one got me.

How about this one: If someone has to tell you they are your friend, or whatever, are they really?