Saturday, June 21, 2008

A few changes

Sitting here tonight reading some of my favorite blogs I noticed that I could see theirs much better than my own. Well with my eye sight not what it once was I thought I would change the background and text colors a bit. It helps me read what I'm writing. haha!! So really the changes are for me, I hope everyone likes it as well. Just want to make it as easy as possible to read. Added some Amazon adds also, these are books that I keep on my shelf and I know that you would enjoy them too, so if you see something that catches your fancy, check them out.


Wretha said...

Hi, just checking things out, lately I've been tweaking my site's appearance (I hope you noticed, grin), anyhoo, reading about the changes you made to your blog, I like the look, colors and such, one tiny suggestion though, my eyes aren't what they used to be either, your colors are dark and the text is black, therefore the contrast between the background and text is pretty low making it a little harder to read, maybe you could make your text lighter, white even, it would make reading a bit easier. I have figured out quite a bit about altering and tweaking the blog, if you want to change anything on your blog (Width, colors, text...) just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help. :) Or you could just tell me to mind my own business and that'll be ok too. :)


The Scavenger said...

Thanks Wretha, I can always use some advice and help. haha!! Yes I did notice your changes which prompted me to make a few of my own. I'm not really puter savy you might say. I may need some help with the width, would like to use all the space available.

Thanks always for your input,

Wretha said...

Hi Chris, looks MUCH better, I can read your site easier now. Email me privately and I'll give you a few things you can change to alter the width. it's really very simple, if you are concerned about messing things up, I would suggest making a test blog (that's what I did), use the same template and you can play with that one, make one change at a time, save it, look at it to see how things changed, then make your next change.

wretha @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)