Friday, June 13, 2008

Home Alone

The wife and kids left on Thursday for West Virginia for a few days visiting family. Man it sure is quiet here. I love them dearly but a little time Home Alone is good for everyone. I spent the day that they left cutting firewood. A friend has some white oak trees that he wants to get out of his pasture and he said I could have them all. I am very greatful. There is more than enough for this years needs and then some. After that a cool shower much needed and then a peaceful stroll through the garden. Finished up the day sitting on the back deck just looking up at the night sky. This morning Olivia's uncle Howard came by, he has a backhoe, and dug a nice little pond in the area we are keeping the cow and goats. When I ask what I owed him he said I could help him for a few hours in return for the work he had done. I'm up for some bartering anytime. So I helped him use a pressure washer to clean a rental trailer that he owns just down the road. Oh yea, I rode over to get the pressure washer with him at his son-in-laws house. He owns a HUGE cattle farm, and I saw these plastic tubs sitting there. These are about a 25 to 30 gal plastic tubs that a mineral lick comes in for the cattle. There were 5 of them just sitting there by the barn. I ask Howard if Mark had a lot of those? By the hundreds, he said, those things are everywhere around here, take all that you need. Are you sure it's ok ? It's more than ok he said, Mark will be glad to get those things out of the way, truck drivers that haul the cows in and out run over them in the field. So I was happy to Scavenge them. They will be used to catch rain water and maybe container planting aswell. The best part is there seems to be an endless supply of them. Howard said they buy those tubs of mineral by the pallet every few weeks. COOL !!!
I'll post pics in a day or two, Olivia took the only digital camera that I know how to use with her to WV . haha


Anonymous said...

What a great deal! For another use for the barrels, there was an article in Countryside that linked to a lady's blog where she show's how she cuts them in half, mounts them on a frame and uses it for a cattle feed trough or a container garden. I thought it was a neat idea. Her blog is and it's post #7. Gen--IL Homesteader

The Scavenger said...

Gen, thanks. I also subscribe to Countryside mag and I love it. I remember the article you are talking about but I didn't remember that she had a blog. These tubs are gonna be great for lots of things. I'll post pics late tonight or tommorrow.
Thanks always for your comments,


hillbilly2be said...

You are getting all kinds of great stuff! Firewood, tubs... man... plus some peace and quiet! I'm glad for you. :) Also glad that your bartering arrangement is working out. :)