Sunday, June 15, 2008

Forge Video

Sorry to all, I somehow deleted the 1st video on building a forge while I was trying to add the 2nd one. Got it all fixed now I hope. Enjoy, this is a great video on building a small forge.


Dragon said...

I wish that guy had been around when I started all them years ago.
Safety First. Protect your eyes(shade 5 glasses Protect from UV from the fire).
Ears...Whatdja say Eh...
Gloves, Unless you like 3rd degree burns. And last but not least...The "Slack tub needs to be large enough to accommodate your whole boot"... Trust me Ya don't want to know why.
Don't tuck your trousers into your boot tops, And I recommend that you use a full apron unless you are shoeing horses.
When you first start out learn the correct measures to treat for burns...Saves on the scars....Dragon

The Scavenger said...

Thanks for the advice Dragon, "Slack tub large enough for whole boot" I'm gonna write that down right now. haha! Thanks and I'll post on my progress with the forge.