Thursday, June 19, 2008

Name Droping

I just wanted to take the time to suggest a few blogs that may be of interest to all, they sure are to me. I read many blogs, mostly homesteading and farm blogs, and they always give me new ideas and new insight into farm and homesteading in general. Here are just a few of my daily reads. Give them a read I know you will enjoy them as much as I do. Hillbill2be over at Homesteading Hickory Hills always has a great post about his familys homesteading adventures. He is a Pallet Master if I have ever seen one. This guy can make anything out of old pallets and make it look great. You have got to see his chicken coop and newly built pig pen. I am honored to call him a friend. Next I love to read Dragons posts at Circle of the Oroborus. He's a wild man that keeps us all up to date on prepping for when the SHTF. He's a deep thinker and a straight shooter. He preps daily and when the Poop does hit the fan this guy's gonna be ready. Then we have Big Bear over at Bear Ridge Project posting about his eventual move to his off-grid cabin in the woods on Bear Ridge. Big Bear is a smart guy that knows what he's doing and is good enough to share it with us. I look forward to each post knowing I will come away with something I can use in my situation. You've got read Wrethas 100% off-grid. She is living a dream, well really hers and mine. She and her hubby took the leap and left the city behind. Now they live on a mountian in the Texas desert in their very own cabin. 100% off-grid and loving it, you can tell from the tone of her posts. Wretha has a great post on buying food online today, check it out. Another blog that I just found a few days ago is Notes from Chickenland. The chicken lady has the only garden I have ever seen with wall to wall carpet, really! She has a bunch of pictures of this great way to keep weeds down and conserve moisture, I think she's onto something with this idea. She and her hubby are true Scavengers. Give 'em a read and see some of the things they have found.


The Chicken Lady said...

Wow! thanks so much for the good press! I am on my way over to the other blogs you mentioned - I love "networking" information with other dreamers and do'ers! Thanks! TCL

hillbilly2be said...

I've been offline more than usual, and made it over here to get updated on your happenings, and read all these nice things you said about me. Thanks... :) I'm honored to consider you a friend as well. I hope to get a chance to check out your recommendations soon.


The Scavenger said...

Hey guys and gals, I'm glad to send some readers your way, I think you're great. I love to read about the things you have going on. Networking information is a wonderful thing for folks like us.

See ya soon,