Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mooooooved the cows !!

Finally moved the cows to what we call the "Top Field". This move has been awhile coming, needed to get the fence repaired and some replaced. Feed is getting way too high to keep them in the feeder lot so now they can graze and we get a break from the feed bill. There's plenty of room in this field for them to enjoy themselfs, about 2 1/2 acres fenced. Lots of good grass and trees for shade, we water them in a large tub behind the pump house.
Smoke Bear checking on one of the cows.

View from the topside of the field.

These are taken from the bottom of the top field.

This is a picture of the overflow from the pond. This is a pretty normal rate of flow about 5 gals a min. Hope to use this potential energy to generate some electricty.

This could be my turbine for the micro hydro power system. If you enlarge the picture you can see fish in the pond.
Smokey Bear cooling off in the pond.


hillbilly2be said...

That's one thing I wish we had on our land - running water for hydro. Very cool. :)

I enjoyed your pictures. I'm sure the relief from the feed bill will be nice, prices sure are high. I keep debating about pasturing the pigs, but I may just end up doing it if for no other reason than that they could eat a bunch of acorns and hickory nuts. :)


The Scavenger said...

I would love to get some sorta homebrew hydro power up and running in the near future.

In the days of old when farm animals were turned out all summer long it seems that acorns, beech and hickory nuts were great to fatten a hog. Keeping them up helps to watch their health and overall well being also. Remember, "The eye of the master fattens the calf". Pretty sure that hasn't helped you make up your mind. Gather them up some nuts and and see how they gobble them up.