Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Summer Rain

Got a little carried away with the last post so gonna get back to the garden today, I just take my rights very serious. Ok, had a wonderful Sweet Summer Rain today and boy did we need it. Had about a 1/2 inch in about 30 mins. and the garden came alive after it was over. Guess that sweet water from above was just what it needed.

Birdhouse Gourd in bloom just after the rain. Many more just waiting to burst open. Beautiful snow white flower, can't wait till they all open.

Cabbage is starting to form heads.
Acorn squash is going crazy. Have 3 hills with 3 plants each and all are doing great.
Growing by the day.

Maters tied up with old socks that my buddy over at Homesteading Hickory Hills told me about and they work great.
Won't be long until this little guy hits the table.
Corn is finally starting to get into gear.

Picture sucks but this is a little cucumber that has grown in the last day or two. I have my canning jars and bread and butter pickle mix ready and waiting. hehe!!!
Cucumber vines are looking pretty good, covered with bloom and little green delights.

More Cucumber, Zucinni and squash. My garden has about 3 different stages, all coming into season at different times. Don't want all that work on us at one time and we get fresh vegies all season that way too.

.The pond is so beautiful this time of year that I just can't help but take pictures of it. We are truly blessed to have this view just outside our window. It's a real treat to look over the pond during breakfast.


hillbilly2be said...

Hey, Chris. I loved the picture of the cabbage... I've never grown that before. Perhaps next year!

Your garden is looking awesome. I like the tomato ties. :) I, too, am chanting "turn red, turn red" to the biggest mater in the lot. Your corn looks awesome.

I just love vegetable gardening! SO much fun!

Take care,

The Scavenger said...

Ron, thanks, the cabbage is looking really good this year. Didn't have much luck with it last year. Like you said, come on mater do your thing there buddy. Corn is doing well and the birdhouse gourds are the prettiest vine I have ever grown. If they do well we have lots of cool little crafts planned for them this fall.

Keep your hands in the dirt,


Marie said...

Your garden looks fantastic! I have been meaning to ask about the potatoes you have growing in the totes--how deep are the totes and how deep is the soil? My husband and I think that might be a useful way to add to our food production/space. Probably too late for this year, but you never know when the information would come in handy. Thanks for any details.

The Scavenger said...

Marie, the potatos that I have growing in totes are the best thing I have ever done. Next year they will all be that way, no more tires or planting in the ground. The totes that I'm using are just about a 15 or 20 gallon that we got from the dollar store I think. One had a crack in it after much use and I thought it would be great for my taters. The crack provides a drain if it gets too much rain. I put a few inches of compost in first and then the seed potatos and a little more dirt. After they got about 10 to 12 inches tall I I put in a few more seed potatos and a little more dirt. Mine have started to even burst through the compost. I guess they can grow up as well as down. We'll have to see. The totes are about 18 inches tall. Hope this helps, if you need more info just let me know. Glad to help anyway I can.


Marie said...

Thanks for the information--we will have to keep an eye out for totes like that and give it a try. Any variety to your diet that you can grow on your own is a definite plus!

Lisa said...

I would love to have a garden at SW next year but we would have to rig some sort of "between trips" waterer with our collection barrels. Must start working on it...
Your garden is AWESOME, so amazing. I have never been able to grow food.