Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is the "GOOD LIFE"

After a long day in the garden watering, hoeing, adding a little cow manure tea and just standing and looking at the sky, I sat on an old stump that I use to set firewood on to split and admired the days work. The potatos need my constant attention removing potato bugs, the maters need my water bucket and all the plants need my hoe but, as I discovered today, not nearly as much as I need them. My garden and the work involved with it are my purpose these days and it feels great to have such a purpose regardless of the time I spend and effort invovled. These hands were made for dirt and dirt I give them daily. I love the hot sun beating down on me and the earth that I work, the smell of the tomatoe plants as I pull weeds from around their base, the smell of the cucumbers as I work close to them. The sites, sounds and smells of the farm simply fuel my entire spirit. As I rose from my humble seat I knew for sure that this is the "GOOD LIFE" and I am very thankful for it.


hillbilly2be said...

Amen, my brother. Tis good to have a purpose. I feel the exact same way, out in my garden. Shoot, I need it a lot more than it needs me. :)

And those tomato smells! Man, oh man. Nothing smells like summer more than hands full of glorious tomato scent. :)


kymber said...

i sooo love your blog...please keep this are inspiring me in ways that i can't believe...

thank you soooo much friend!