Friday, July 4, 2008

Ducks in the Garden- Update !!

In a earlier post I ask if anyone had ever had ducks in their garden and Tracy, over at Possum Living, said "I had some Muscovy ducks that also ignored my peppers and other garden plants, until one day it was like a light bulb went off in their heads, and they wiped out most of the peppers". Up until then I had had no problem with the ducks bothering anything, that is up until then. I belive the ducks must have internet out there. That very night after Tracy left that comment they wiped ME out too. 6 peppers plants fell prey to the baby ducks, so they are freerange now and they are loving it. I just kept them up for their own safety. I guess you could say that Tracy knows ducks.

Momma Duck and the babys have made their way all around the yard and found refuge in the goats lot along with our 2 Buff Silkie Roosters.


edifice rex said...

I just bought 3 Muscovies today and put them in the garden; I came here to your site just to ask you how yours were doing being in your garden! Ha! Maybe I'll have to take mine out before they start eating plants. Mine are not grown but are not little babies either so they get around pretty good.

hillbilly2be said...
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