Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HELP !!!! I'm Canning and I Can't Stop

Well guys i've been at it again, this time tomatoes. Call me crazy but I was at the Farmers Market the other day and I came across a guy selling tomatoes for $12.00 a 25 lb box. The first thought that crossed my mind was buy, buy, buy. That's 48 cents a pound, China-mart is selling them for $2.28 per lb. and Kroger had them for $2.89 per lb. so this had to be a good deal. Sure I have maters growing in the garden but they aren't ripe yet and who knows I could have a hail storm or anything and then not have any maters. Maybe I'm thinking this thing to death but, a bird in the hand, well, you know the rest. I calmed myself down and bought only 1 box, 25lbs and came straight home and fired up the canner. We saved some to eat and gave a few away ofcourse and I canned the rest, man these things are great. Ended up with 7 beautiful qts of tomatoes to be used in soup and so on. I have come to love this food preservation thing. The sound of lids popping as the jars are cooling are music to my ears. Here is a picture of one of the cans. Liv made some really nice labels using address labels, we got the date wrong but it's close enough.


Lisa said...

i think its great that you are canning all of this great food! Good for you! If i had 10 seconds to do something like that its exactly what I would do.
I got all the stuff I need to make cheese, just have not found the time :(
more more more!

Marie said...

As far as addictions go, this is not a bad one to have... :) Those tomatoes look great! I hope the ones in your garden turn out for you as well.

Anonymous said...

Your tomatoes look great! Keep up the good work. Just a little suggestion - put the cute labels on the lids. Getting those suckers off the jars can sometimes be a pain. :oDDDDD

The Scavenger said...

Lisa, thanks, I love to can this stuff. We have planned to make cheese and soap when our goats start producing milk. I think that would be really fun. I don't find time either - I just make time.

Marie, Hello my name is Chris and I'm a canning addict. Maybe we should start a meeting for that. CAA= Canning Addicts Anonymous

Anonymous, That is a good point. I'll remember that the next batch.

Thanks to all for your comments,

Cath said...

"...came home and fired up the canner" I'm having visions of rip cords, diesel fuel and an awful lot of smoke in your kitchen! lol