Thursday, July 10, 2008

Even More Pickles !!!!!!!!!

What do you do when a neighbor brings you 25 cucumbers?? Make more pickles ofcourse! Not that we really needed any more pickles but you just can't seem to eat cukes fast enough to use them up before they start to go bad. We had the mix, sugar and viniger , so why not can them.
Liv's mother , Gracie, cutting up the cukes to fit into the jars.
Finished product, 9 qts. and 2 pints.
And we still had this many left over.
Got to go and start on the pickled watermelon rind, it's gonna take a while. I'll keep you all posted.


Marie said...

It looks like that canner may have already paid for itself! If not, it sure is on its way! I'm glad to see that everything is growing so well in your area, and that it seems like nothing is going to waste--the pickles and the cucumbers look great.

Rook said...

Do you or readers know about compost piles? I just adding to mine today and notice what looks like little mushrooms growing. Is that normal or do I need to turn it more or what? I am at a lost..

Working on the moat...


Anonymous said...

More free food!! What an incredible blessing!! It's so great to be able to put someone's abundance to good use--especialy with today's food prices! How exciting! Being much farther north, I've just picked my first veggies this week: peas and a handful of green beans!! Boy, was I excited!!

For Rook, I have compost and I have had mushrooms growing in it. I just keep turning it. They say mushrooms only grow in good soil, so he's making something good there!! Gen--IL Homesteader

Anonymous said...

Oh, please do keep us posted on the watermelon rind. It's something I've always wanted to try, but never have. I'd love to see how it turns out! Thanks, Gen--IL Homesteader

The Scavenger said...


is a great site to learn more about composting. I do have mushrooms growing in mine sometimes.

I just make a big pile in the garden area and add as I find stuff. Hope this helps some.


The Scavenger said...

Gen-Il, nothing like those freebies. We just don't want anything going to waste, even if I can it and give it back to him atleast it's not wasted.

Working on the watermelon rind now. Looks like apples once you get the peel and the red off. I'll be posting pics this evening.


Ron said...

That's awesome that you are canning all that stuff.

A couple of years ago, we canned insane amounts of stuff. I honestly wondered if we would ever eat it all, or simply give it away. Well, who would have guessed that we would move across country and live in a pole barn the next summer. :) We ate those canned goods for two years. I still have a few quarts of corn, which I've been feeding to the pigs as a special treat. :)

Congrats on the canning. I hope your pickles turn out... ours were mushy one year, so we diced them up and used them in ham salads and things like that.