Thursday, July 3, 2008

Freezing Zucchini

Got more free veggies today. Liv's mother gave us 3 medium size zucchini and we decided to try freezing them as per instructions from Pick you own. We love this website because it is loaded with easy to understand instructions for preserving just about anything you can imagine. When I say easy to understand, I mean even I can do it. hehe! We are trying different ways to preserve food and seeing what works the best for us, this is a learning process. We are lucky enough to have a FoodSaver and it is a great addition to any home and has been and will be very useful to us. Here are some picture of our process to freeze zucchini. ( I think free ones always taste better, hehe!! )

Our beloved FoodSaver that both vacums and seals the bags.

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Nita said...

I'm jealous, my cukes are just little babies!